Housewarming gifts: what to put in a new home hamper

17 Mar 2022

Gift Ideas

Nothing says ‘welcome to your new abode’ like a hamper brimming with indulgent treats

If you’ve ever moved house, you’ll remember the overflow of boxes, colossal tidying up effort, and extensive admin that goes into the transition. While it’s certainly an exciting time, it can also be a little stressful. When one of your nearest and dearest makes a move, there are a few ways that you can lend a hand. And if you can’t be there in person, you might want to think about housewarming gifts.

This doesn’t just have to be a bottle of red or some flowers (though these are perfectly lovely ideas). We think one of the most personal ways to say ‘welcome home’ is to create your own hand-picked hamper containing a selection of heart-warming treats.

At Hotel Chocolat, we have a fair amount of experience in curating fabulous gifts. So without further ado, here are our suggestions on how to build a new home hamper.

Three baskets for new home gift hampers

Before we begin: think packaging

Just before you start buying some goodies to add to your new home hamper, have a think about the container you’re going to use. Will you be going all-out, classic hamper with a wicker case or basket? This is certainly what we all have in mind when we think of hampers. Plus, without a doubt, it’s a chic way to go.

Perhaps your friends have conveyed that they really have enough boxes and general clutter to be getting on with. In which case, you might want to present your treats in a large decorative bag (maybe you have one that you could reuse) or offer to take away the hamper to get it out of their way!

What to include in a new home gift hamper

Time to turn our thoughts to the contents of your hamper.

Start with the staples

If you want our advice, start with some treats that are guaranteed to spark a few smiles. Even if you’re going to add some stand-out items, quirkier gifts, or a few extra personal touches later on, it’s never a bad idea to lay the foundations with some crowd-pleasers.

What do we mean by this? Think delectable biscuits, aromatic coffee pods (if they have a pod-compatible machine), and coffee beans (if they prefer to grind their own fresh coffee). Nothing helps you destress (and leave thoughts of unpacking behind for the evening), quite like a sumptuously smooth hot chocolate. So why not add some real chocolate flake sachets to the mix? If they’re tea drinkers, try to remember their favourite brew and choose a high-end option. They’ll need plenty of refreshments to keep them going through the move-in period, so you may as well gift them the finest, most delicious versions you can find.

You never have much in the cupboards when you first move into a new abode. If your new home hamper includes a few staples, they will certainly go appreciated.

If you’d like some specific recommendations, we’d suggest the following:


Our Seven Chocolate Shortbreads combine melt-in-the-mouth shortbread and our high-cacao house chocolate. Luxuriously enrobed for the perfect bite of biscuit, we’ve included three different shortbread varieties in this hamper-worthy box.

Imagine the scene: you’ve just unpacked your tenth box and manoeuvred the settee into the living room, then someone hands you a cup of tea and a luxury shortbread. Now that’s some well-earned bliss!


If you’re close friends or relatives, perhaps you know their taste in coffee? Our ethical, sustainable Rabot Estate coffee blends come in mellow, lively, classic, turbo-charging, and decaffeinated varieties. So opt for the blend that matches their coffee preference.

If you’re not sure what they’d prefer, we suggest choosing The One — our timeless classic blend with full-bodied notes of milk and caramel and a finale of warm fruit. Go for pods if they have a machine or coffee beans if they prefer to use a cafetiere or filter machine.

Closeup of a coffee machine and coffee cup

Hot chocolate

If you’re treating them to hot chocolate, make sure it’s made with real chocolate flakes — the secret to making a flavour-rich, indulgently creamy hot cocoa. We’ve created a range of heavenly chocolate flavours to choose from, but if they’re new to Hotel Chocolat we suggest starting with a classic.

Our Milky 50%, Classic 70%, and 45% Nutmilk are all irresistible options that are sure to go down well with the happy movers. If you want to give them a variety of flavours, our Mellow Hot Chocolate Selection Box allows them to sample our Milky 50%, Salted Caramel, 45% Nutmilk, Orange Supermilk, Vanilla White, and Caffe Latte. You can always browse our flavours and mix and match — that’s the beauty of creating your own hamper!

Add some luxurious touches

A well-curated hamper contains a balance of items. Once you have your smaller, failproof treats in there, think about adding a couple of larger, more personal items. Tailor your new home hamper to the individual. Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling…

For those who like an evening tipple

If they are drinkers, what’s their favourite beverage? Help them populate their empty alcohol cabinet with their favourite wines or spirits. If they are always ordering a G&T, introduce them to our botanical-infused Cacao Gin. If they are a wine aficionado — red, white, or rosé?

Two bottles of our Cocoa Beer and Cocoa Blonde will fit nicely into smaller hampers and act as a thoughtful token for couples. And of course, some Classic Prosecco is the perfect celebratory beverage.

For those who adore their gadgets

If it’s newlyweds or your child moving into their first home, they might not have too many appliances yet. Will they be needing something for their home? Perhaps a coffee machine, blender, or hot chocolate machine? You could add this to your hamper as the ultimate show-stopper gift.

If you know that the mover adores their gadgets but you’re not sure what they already have, don’t be afraid to ask them. It’s better than doubling up.

For the interior designers

If you think a gadget might be a little too much for your hamper, but you know they are into curating a stylish home, perhaps add some smaller home accessories. A beautiful chopping board, decorative serving spoons, or our contemporary ceramic mugs will be welcomed into their new kitchen. And they’ll always think of you when they use them!

Candles (we adore our Cacao and Vanilla), photo frames, and houseplants are also delightful options that work with any interior style.

Couple moving house with boxes

Don’t forget the little ones (if there are any)

Will there be any mini movers who require some kid-friendly treats in the hamper? It can be difficult finding gifts for children, but you can’t go wrong with yummy chocolate treats. The more adorable, the better. Our Dozen Dapper Dogs deliver some canine cuteness, while our Chocolate Pen Pals are our friendliest springtime characters. Our Tiddly Pots (filled with chocolate drops) are also great for little hands.

New home hamper gifts: it’s the thought that counts

Whatever you choose to add to your new home hamper, your friends or family will just be delighted that you thought of them during their move. Whether you fill a box with chocolate delights, simply bring over the ingredients for a home-cooked meal, or give them some thoughtful home touches, you’ll be helping them kick-start life in their new home in the best way possible — surrounded by supportive loved ones.