Get well soon gifts to send to loved ones

8 Dec 2021

Gift Ideas

Got a friend who’s feeling unwell? Brighten their day with a thoughtful gift in the post

No one enjoys being ill. If you have a friend or loved one who’s been feeling under the weather, why not send them a gift? A surprise treat is a wonderful way to change up the monotony of being poorly.

Even a small get well soon gift can mean the world to them. After all, nothing cures a dreary cold like a morale boost — preferably in the form of delectable chocolates. At Hotel Chocolat, we’ve made it as easy as possible to cheer up your loved one. Our Get Well Soon Gifts offer a selection of delights to choose from, helping you to find the right item to surprise them with. 

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Get well soon gift ideas

We all know the feeling. You’re tucked up in bed, suffering from the sniffles, and feeling a little sorry for yourself. When all you’re craving is comfort and cosiness, a care package is the perfect remedy.

Cosy cacao

And what’s more comforting than a luxurious cup of hot chocolate made with real chocolate flakes? Treat them to a few of our heavenly hot chocolate sachets to warm up their belly (and their cockles).

If they like our hot chocolates, they’ll adore The Velvetiser — our specially engineered hot chocolate machine. If your friend is feeling worse for wear, they’ll be able to whip up the smoothest, creamiest, barista-grade cocoa with just the touch of a button. Quick and easy, it gives them the opportunity to lounge around at home feeling truly taken care of.

Including a selection box of chocolates is also a welcome gift. Whether they like milk, white or dark chocolate, you’re sure to find a Sleekster, H-Box or variety of Selectors to perk them up. And the best bit? You can choose your items online, choose an elegant gift bag, box or decorative sleeve, and we’ll deliver your get well soon gifts directly to your recipient’s front door. No need to worry about queuing at the post office.

A flower bouquet

Of course, not all get well soon gifts have to be edible. Sometimes, when we’re ill, food is the last thing on our mind. But don’t worry, if your recipient has lost their appetite, there are still lots of ways to treat them.

If your loved one adores blooms, why not send them a vibrant bouquet? Perhaps they have a favourite type of flower or love a particular colour. If you’re not too sure, look for something bright and cheery. Try looking for a florist local to your loved one’s home. They might be able to deliver the flowers straight to your friend’s door for free!

And why not add a personalised message card to show you’re sending them positive thoughts?

Bouquet of flowers with a note

A pamper package

Give your loved one the gift of relaxation with a DIY pamper session. Sending a selection of sumptuous candles, shower gels and lotions will encourage them to rest their mind and body, experiencing the tranquility of a spa treatment from the comfort of their home.

A scented candle or reed diffuser will gently permeate their rooms with delightful aromas and invoke a sense of calm. Our Ginger & Lemongrass Candle is ideal for boosting the spirits. Using natural essential oils, we feel we’ve struck the perfect balance of refreshing citrus zing and warming spice.

With the candle casting a tranquil glow, your giftee can take a luxurious soak in the tub with some Cocoa & Almond Bath and Body Oil, and let their troubles melt away. After drying, they can pamper their skin further with a generous application of Argan & Cacao Body Butter.

Sometimes, the skin can suffer during a bout of sickness, making us feel dry and worn even after our symptoms have improved. Replenishing moisture helps to fight off any potential dryness and irritation of the skin — leaving your loved one feeling soft, supple, and revived.

At Hotel Chocolat, all of our beauty gifts are enriched with natural botanical ingredients to lock in hydration and provide long-lasting nourishment. Drawing on the fabulous restorative atmosphere of our tropical home — Saint Lucia — our creams, butters and balms are packed with that feel-good factor.

Cosy candle

Why chocolate is the perfect ‘get well soon’ gift

There’s more to chocolate than just white, milk or dark. We always marvel at the versatility of the cacao-rich treat. It can be paired with infinite different ingredients and cater for a variety of tastes. This means you can tailor your chocolate selection to your giftee’s preference.

What’s more, a small nibble of good quality, high-cacao chocolate provides a satisfying tasting experience. So if they’re struggling to eat, they can enjoy the fact that a little chocolate goes a long way. Being stuck at home can be frustrating, and having a delicious treat to look forward to can help the hours pass.

Get well soon gifts might mean you treat them to an old loved classic, but it can also give you the chance to send them something new. A type of truffle they haven’t tried before, perhaps?

If they’re feeling up for an activity, why not set up a personalised, at-home chocolate-tasting experience? By sending them a chocolate box with a wide variety of flavours, like the Everything Sleekster, they’ll have a host of aromas, tastes and textures to try. You can instruct them, either through a virtual call or by letter, to close their eyes and smell the chocolate before eating, then take small mouthfuls to fully embrace the fragrances and nuanced cacao notes.

Although it might be tempting to eat the whole thing at once, encourage them to take a small bite of the chocolate and then leave it for a few seconds on the tongue.

If you’re not sure which chocolate box to send, don’t worry, we can help. Read our blog on the best chocolate to give as a gift for a few more cocoa-inspired gift ideas.

Why send get well soon gifts in the post?

Chocolate gifts by post are a good idea if your loved one is suffering from an infectious illness. Although it’s tempting to make your gesture in person, a chocolate gift by post works just as well at cheering them up, and doesn’t subject you to the chance of catching their sickness.

The sound of the doorbell or a knock at the door adds an extra sense of anticipation, too — who could it be?

By sending a gift by post you also have the chance to get even more creative with ways to surprise them. Have your box specially gift wrapped for an added aesthetic, or leave a hand-written note to cheer them up. 

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Chocolate subscription gift ideas

Is your loved one an avid-chocolate taster? A chocolate letterbox gift can be exciting, but have you ever considered treating them to something completely new and exclusive? Our Inventing Room Subscription gives them an insight into our latest creations, before they’ve even been finalised in our own inventing room. Add a touch of creativity into their month by letting them taste their way through a variety of our inventions.

If you know that your loved one could need a steady supply of get-well treats, then a chocolate subscription ensures you can continue to perk their spirits up every month, for as long as you need to.

Or, perhaps you want to give them something they can look forward to using for when they’re feeling better. A Gift Card is an easy way to put a smile on their face, giving them complete freedom to fulfill their chocolate desires once they’re out and about.

Get well soon gifts from Hotel Chocolat are a lovely way to show your loved one how much you care, why not browse our selection of chocolates, tipples, and beauty products today?