9 thank you hampers to show your gratitude

8 Jun 2022

Gift Ideas

Say thank you with the gift of luxurious, high-cacao chocolates nestled in a hamper

Thank you hampers: the ideal way to show gratitude.

It’s never easy to choose the perfect thank you gift. A note never feels like enough, flowers can wilt after a day, and anything too ‘out there’ risks not being to your giftee’s taste.

At Hotel Chocolat, rather unsurprisingly, we think chocolate will always be one of the best thank you gifts. With so many chocolate grades and flavours to choose from, you can tailor your gift to your giftee. And even if you’re taking a chance on type — most people adore chocolate, whatever the flavour. As long as you choose luxurious, premium chocolate made with ethical and sustainable cacao, you can’t go wrong.

To give you some gift inspiration, these are our favourite thank you hampers for gestures big and small…

Thank you note, flowers, and spectacles

Our expertly curated hampers

Our chocolatiers have compiled some of their all-time favourite creations into different themed collections and hampers. When your giftee opens their beautifully-packed box, they’ll be delighted to find a selection of chocolate treats that go together wonderfully.

Whether you’re thanking your neighbour for feeding the cats for a week, your professor for supporting you with your thesis, or your mum for helping so much with kids, these chocolate hampers are brilliant for expressing recognition and appreciation.

The Little Ray of Sunshine Hamper

Our Little Ray of Sunshine Hamper is the perfect thank you hamper for the ray of sunshine in your life — the pal who was there for you at a bad time or that family member who utterly saved the day.

This is a summer-exclusive hamper brimming with our sunny bestsellers. You’ll find treats such as our Strawberry & Cream Puddles, Afternoon Tea Collection, and Dizzy Praline Selector. A blissful collection of chocolates for a radiant person.

The Chocolate & Fizz Collection

For a hamper that unites boutique bubbly with luxurious chocolates, it has to be our Chocolate & Fizz Collection. Your giftee will be treated to a miniature bottle of our fresh and fruity Prosecco, Champagne Truffles, our Everything Mini Selection, and more exquisite chocolates.

Wrapped in a sleek black box and a simple white bow, this hamper is ideal for gifting as a classic, indulgent gift or presenting in a more professional setting — perhaps to an amazing colleague or long-standing client.

The Chocolate & Gin Gift Collection

Is your giftee a gin lover? If so, they’ll love our Chocolate & Gin Gift Collection. This thank you hamper includes delectable gin-flavoured chocolates and two mini bottles of our small-batch Cocoa Gin. In our opinion, chocolate and gin are a stellar combination. We’re sure your giftee won’t disagree.

You could even pair this hamper with some high-quality tonic water and two gin glasses — then you can enjoy a tipple together.

Two friends toasting drinks in pink glasses

The All Dark Vegan Hamper

If you need a dairy-free hamper, look no further than our All Dark Vegan Hamper packed with brooding high-cacao recipes which contain no dairy ingredients.

This hamper is also perfect for any dark chocolate devotee in your life. Featuring our Dark Pocket Selection, 70% and 80% Chocolate Slabs, and Dark Chocolate and Ginger Buttons, this is a bounty of goodies for taste buds that prefer the richer end of the cacao spectrum.

The Everything Chocolate Hamper

The Everything Chocolate Hamper is our go-to chocolate gift for whenever we’re unsure about our giftee’s chocolate preferences. This hamper contains some of our most celebrated creations in our entire collection — so you can be sure it’s a crowd-pleaser.

Salted Caramel Puddles, Patisserie-inspired chocolates, three different chocolate slabs — need we say more?

With plenty of exquisite delights to share around, The Everything Chocolate Hamper is ideal for gifting to a group.

Thank you hampers for grand gestures

Don’t get us wrong, the thank you hampers mentioned above all make fabulous gifts. But what about when someone truly goes above and beyond to help you out?

A gift might never feel like enough, but one of our large hampers will go a long way in showing just how much you care.

The Classic Cabinet

An elegant chocolate box with a swish pull-out drawer. Our Classic Cabinet is a two-tier collection of our most-loved chocolate recipes. Your giftee will discover dozens of filled and solid chocolates nestled in this cabinet.

From Gin Truffles to Pecan Pralines, they can sample a fabulous variety of our fruity, boozy, and simple chocolates across all chocolate grades.

The Dark Cabinet

While our Classic Cabinet contains a selection of white, milk, and dark chocolates, as you can probably guess, our Dark Cabinet focuses on chocolates with a high cacao percentage. This is a grand thank you fit for someone who simply adores dark chocolate. They’ll soon be nibbling on Single-Origin Slabs, dark pralines, and fruity, high-cacao truffles.

The Chocolatier’s Table

While not technically a hamper, our Chocolatier’s Table is a chocolate box perfect for occasions when a huge thank you is in order. This chocolate collection is the definition of

‘extensive’. Containing a stunning range of different flavours, textures, and grades, your giftee will have enough chocolate to last them a long time.

Friends hugging

Make your own thank you hampers with Hotel Chocolat

If you’d rather create your own thank you hampers, explore our Gift Creator. This online tool will help you curate a personalised gift box, filled with chocolates, biscuits, coffee, and tipples. You can even include our Velvetiser or Podster if you’re feeling really generous.

Whichever Hotel Chocolat delights you think your giftee will adore, you can add them to a beautiful hamper, ready to gift. You can then order your personalised gift straight to their door. Alternatively, we can deliver it to you if you’d like to present your gift in person.

Plus, don’t forget that whenever you shop online with us, you have the option of adding a personalised message card or classic gift bag at checkout. It’s always handy for adding that finishing touch!