11 great thank you gifts for teachers

23 May 2022

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Summer is in sight. Here are our favourite end-of-year gifts for teachers

It might have felt a long way away back in September, but it’s that time again — the end of the school year. Term is wrapping up, exams have been sat, and one thing’s for sure… Teachers are weary. Why not thank them for all their hard work over the last academic year? If there’s one thing that’s sure to put a smile on their face, it’s a thoughtful present and card. To make choosing your gift a little easier, we’ve curated this list of thank you gifts for teachers.

We’ve chosen our favourite items that strike the balance between personal and crowd-pleasing. While you don’t want to risk buying something they don’t like, it’s no fun getting them the same gift as everyone else!

Whether you’re shopping for your child’s primary school teacher, your high school form tutor, or even your favourite university professor, here are our top gifts for teachers.

Teacher reading with a child

Chocolate gifts for teachers

While other students may well buy your teacher thank you chocolates, they’ll remember you as the one who bought them high-quality, ethical, and oh-so-indulgent Hotel Chocolat chocolates.

Chocolate is a popular gift for a reason — most people absolutely adore it. These chocolate boxes, chocolate hampers, and chocolate gift sets will go down a treat.

1. Indulgent chocolate box

A chocolate selection box gives your giftee the chance to sample a fabulous variety of our most-loved chocolates.

Not too sure about your teacher’s chocolate preferences? Play it safe with our Everything Sleekster — brimming with 27 of our most iconic recipes across all chocolate genres. Our milk, white, and dark Signature Collection also contains some of our most popular alcohol-free recipes.

If you know your teacher’s favourite type of chocolate, why not browse our collection according to their tastes. Just filter for their chosen chocolate grade or flavour.

Perhaps they adore all chocolates fruity and fresh. Then they’ll love the zesty, punchy bites within our Exuberantly Fruity Sleekster. Do they always have a baked sweet treat at break time? Perhaps they’d prefer our Patisserie Sleekster packed with dessert-inspired chocolates like Blondie, Brownie, and Billionaire’s Shortbread.

2. Bountiful chocolate hamper

Are you shopping for one special teacher who has gone above and beyond for you this year? Treat them to a chocolate hamper full of scrumptious goodies.

Our Little Ray Of Sunshine hamper is perfect for that radiant, ever cheerful teacher who is always there for you. Packed with summer chocolates, like our Strawberries & Cream Puddles and Brownie Batons, this selection will keep them nibbling throughout July.

3. Thoughtful chocolate gift set

If you’d like to give your teacher chocolate and a little something else, consider a chocolate gift set.

Our Rabot Collection pairs some of our best chocolates, think Nutmilk Batons and Gianduja Bombe bites, with our tropical Cacao and Almond Body Butter and Saint Lucia Body Mist. Delectable and relaxing, this is a blissful gift that oozes ‘me time’.

Other edible treats

If they aren’t a fan of chocolate (hard to believe, but sometimes it’s the case), we have a variety of other exquisite nibbles to express your thanks.

4. Luxurious biscuits

Have you noticed your teacher always has a mug of tea or coffee in hand? Why not give them some decadent biscuits for their next brew. Our opulent Chocolat Shortbreads combine buttery sweetness with a high-cacao chocolate coating. Ideal for dunking.

5. Sweet Turkish Delight

Our rose and lemon Turkish Delight is another heavenly option. Presented in a beautiful wooden keepsake box, these fragrant cubes of squishy, sweet jelly are made in Turkey from time-honoured recipes. An authentic, traditional treat.

Grey coffee mug with marshmallows and biscuits

A well-earned tipple

The life of a teacher is pretty non-stop. After all those lesson plans and evening marking sessions, they’ve surely earned a refreshing beverage or two. Instead of the typical bottle of white, why not surprise them with one of our original alcoholic drinks?

6. Velvetised Chocolate Cream

Our Velvetised Chocolate Cream is a silky, bozzy delight for all the senses. With deep cacao notes and a creamy finish, this vodka tipple can be enjoyed neat with ice or used as a heavenly cocktail base.

7. Cacao-infused gin

Our award-winning Cacao Gin is distilled in London and made using the leftover cacao shells from our chocolate-making. An innovative twist on this classic spirit.

Gifts for an end-of-term pamper

Sometimes all teachers want at the end of the year is a long, relaxing pamper session. These gifts will help them unwind and feel rejuvenated for their summer holidays.

8. Relaxing candle

Let them bring a touch of gently-scented harmony into their home with our long-burning Cacao & Vanilla Scented Candle. Soft notes of cocoa and vanilla are soothing to most noses and are finely balanced with cedar wood, musk, and amber undertones.

Our Ginger & Lemongrass Candle is also a safe bet, with a zesty, uplifting aroma of spicy ginger and fresh lemongrass. As is our Honey & Fig Candle with sweet, mellow honey and summertime figs.

Instead of paraffin wax, our candles are made from a premium blend of soy, coconut, canola, and beeswax. We also use all-natural fragrances and essential oils.

9. A bundle of skincare saviours

Who doesn’t love a thoughtful mix and match? Bring a smile to your teacher’s face with a few of our Rabot 1745 Beauty gifts. Simply choose some natural skincare products that you think they’ll love. Want our recommendation? With all that writing and typing, teachers will always put some quality hand cream to good use. Take a peek at our Cacao & Wild Honey Handcream or Helping Hand Collection.

10. A book for the holidays

Nothing beats the gift of a fantastic book. Why not browse for a well-reviewed book in your teacher’s subject? They probably don’t get much time to read during term time, so they’re sure to appreciate you finding them their next page-turner.

If they happen to be a real chocolate aficionado, we can confidently recommend our own book — The Meaning of Chocolate. This book is packed with wise and witty musings on all things chocolate.

Woman reading a book on the beach

11. Small gifts for teachers

If you’re not just buying for one person but a few, you might be looking for slightly smaller, budget-friendly gifts for teacher. Not to worry, we have a selection of fabulous ‘token of thanks’ presents ready for doing the rounds.

Sometimes, simple says it best. Our Simply Thanks message box is eight of our finest chocolates wrapped in an elegant gift box. A delectable crowd-pleaser.

Smaller still, our Everything Mini Selection contains four irresistible chocolates in a sweet, petite box. It’s the perfect token of thanks to gift alongside a handwritten card. It’s also worth noting that you can find almost all our chocolates in Selector form. If you know your teacher’s favourite chocolate, you can find a small pack of their go-to flavour.

Whatever treat you choose, your teacher will be thrilled that you thought of them. Just remember to give them their gift before the end of term!