Top tips for making the most luxurious chocolate milkshake

16 Feb 2023

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Read our top tips on how to make the most luxurious chocolate milkshake ever with our Velvetiser

A chocolate milkshake is the perfect pick-me-up. It can be a refreshing treat for a hot day or an indulgent dessert alternative no matter the weather. Forget thin milkshakes that don’t quite hit the spot — with our Velvetiser, you can whip up a creamy, decadent delight brimming with nuanced cacao notes.

Discover how to create truly luxurious chocolate milkshakes with our top tips.

Iced chocolate milkshake in a glass

How to make a luxury milkshake with chocolate

From American-style ice cream shakes to milkshakes made with real grated chocolate, there are plenty of ways to bring a touch of opulence to this favourite childhood drink. To achieve a sumptuous texture, we recommend trying our Velvetiser. Although our at-home hot chocolate station was originally designed for hot beverages, it can also create an unbelievably satisfying base for a chocolate milkshake. 

When paired with our hot chocolate flakes – gossamer-fine pieces of real, cacao-rich chocolate – and a dash of ice, it can create a smooth and refreshing chilled drink.

With the Velvetiser, there’s no one size fits all, either. You can personalise your chocolate milkshake to your tastes. Those who adore a lighter flavour with hints of subtle sweetness, for instance, could try a white chocolate milkshake using our Vanilla-White Hot Chocolate. On the other hand, you could explore the deeper notes of our Classic 70% Dark Hot Chocolate or bring a bit of vibrancy to your milkshake with Chilli Dark Hot Chocolate or Orange Supermilk. The possibilities are endless.

Start with premium ingredients

When making any luxury item, it is essential to start with the right ingredients — and with chocolate, that means a high cacao content. Why? Not only does chocolate made with a high cacao percentage have a more creamy texture (including white chocolate with a high cocoa butter content) but it also let’s the cacao’s nuanced flavour notes shine through. At Hotel Chocolat, we follow a mantra of “More Cacao, Less Sugar”, putting this magical ingredient in the spotlight.

Explore our collection of hot chocolate flakes, and your chocolate milkshake will already be starting on a luxurious footing. If you’re looking for something classic and mellow, opt for our Milky 50% Hot Chocolate Sachets. Alternatively, if you want a vegan milkshake, try one of the varieties in our Vegan Selection Box.

Choose your milk

If you go for a vegan milkshake, you also have plenty of milk options to choose from, and this can really bump up the luxury factor. Barista-grade oat milk, for instance, offers a thick and creamy texture that perfectly complements opulent hot chocolate flakes. You can also incorporate different flavours with plant-based milks. Coconut milk is great for bringing a hint of sweetness and an almost tropical flavour profile. Meanwhile, hazelnut milk is ideal for adding a sumptuous nuttiness akin to your favourite chocolate-hazelnut spread.

Of course, you can always stick with dairy milk, too. For a thick and smooth texture, try full-fat cow’s milk over skimmed or semi-skimmed.

Get an irresistible texture with The Velvetiser

Now that you’ve decided which type of chocolate and milk you are going to use, it is time to assemble your luxury chocolate milkshake. While you could prepare your hot chocolate (ready to cool as a milkshake) in a pan, we don’t think you can beat the cloud-like texture our Velvetiser brings. It stirs, whips, and warms your chocolate flakes and milk into a decadent mixture — and all in just 2.5 minutes.

Once the Velvetiser has worked its magic, you can add your hot chocolate mixture to some chilled milk.

The Velvetiser and Pod Cup

Keep it ice cool

This leads us on to our next point — temperature. While iced drinks are a lovely way to stay cool and refreshed on a hot summer day, they’re also perfect for any time of year.

To get the best results from your chocolate milkshake, include plenty of ice. You can fill a glass with ice and a dash of cold milk while your Velvetiser creates the chocolate base for your luxury chocolate milkshake. Pour the velvetised mixture into the cold milk, and enjoy.

Alternatively, add your ice and cold milk to a cocktail shaker, then pour the velvetised chocolate in, too. Give it a good shake and decant it into your favourite glass. As well as ensuring every drop of your luxurious chocolate milkshake is nice and cool, the shaking action will amplify your drink’s whipped texture.

Try a dollop of ice cream

If you fancy further cooling down your luxury chocolate milkshake, why not add a dollop of ice cream to top it off? This will give your drink an extra touch of decadence, making it a thick and creamy dessert alternative.

You could use chocolate ice cream to further enhance the cacao flavour of your milkshake, or you could use this opportunity to add an entirely new flavour to your chocolate milkshake. Mix and match to create new and exciting combinations. When choosing your ice cream flavour, you could also match it to your chocolate flakes flavour. For example, pair our Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Sachets with a toffee ice cream. Or, for a light summery flavour, make a white chocolate milkshake and top it with raspberry ripple ice cream.

Don’t be shy with the toppings

Ice cream isn’t the only topping you could use for your luxury chocolate milkshake. Using a few toppings could bring a fun flair to your chocolate milkshake. Also, if you are making a group of friends or family a chocolate milkshake, toppings could be a fun way to personalise each individual milkshake.

Don’t be shy — go all out and create a spectacular feast for the senses. Need some inspiration?

  • Fresh and/or dried fruit – this can be a great addition to your chocolate milkshake, adding a new flavour to your milkshake with fruit such as berries, orange slices or raisins.
  • Flavoured sauce – enhance the tastes and textures of your chocolate milkshake with a sauce that will compliment the chocolate base and ice cream. Think fruity strawberry, golden butterscotch, or classic chocolate
  • Sweets – bring some retro flavour to your luxury chocolate milkshake with some retro sweets. Try popping candy and gummy bears for vibrancy and nostalgia.
  • More chocolate – there is nothing wrong with adding more chocolate to top your chocolate milkshake. Maybe use the same chocolate flakes that were used in making your milkshake. For ultimate decadence, include your favourite Selector chocolates. Will it be a zingy Lemon Chocolate Cheesecake or Salted Caramel Brownie?
Luxurious chocolate milkshake with sauce and toppings

Elevate your chocolate milkshake game with Hotel Chocolat

Whatever your preferred luxury chocolate milkshake flavour, at Hotel Chocolat, we can provide the base for an irresistible, decadent delight. Explore our extensive range of sumptuous hot chocolate flakes and get started making your luxurious milkshake with our revolutionary Velvetiser.