How to make luxury chocolate milkshakes at home

21 Apr 2020

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We’re here to help you choc-shake things up this summer with our tips on how to make the perfect homemade chocolate milkshake.

A perfect frothy milkshake should be almost overflowing the glass, with its bubbly top layer broken only by a red-and-white striped straw (paper, of course). When stirred, the clink of the ice cubes disturbs the condensation that now drips down the sides of the glass. Could anything be a more iconically decadent summer drink?

We know it’s easy to start with high hopes but end up with a disappointing milkshake, with lumps of undissolved cocoa powder or stubborn sugar granules sitting at the bottom of the glass. We’re going to show you how to make the best homemade chocolate milkshake you’ve ever tasted.

Our version of the chocolate milkshake

We’re not here to replicate a classic American-style milkshake; we’ve made our very own luxurious chocolate milkshake. Our Chilled Chocolat is cocoa-rich, cool, intensely creamy and a perfect summer drink to finish off a barbeque. We use our revolutionary in-home hot chocolate machine – The Velvetiser – and our rich, not-too-sweet hot chocolate single-serves to concoct this indulgent, but refreshing, summer drink. 

The Velvetiser does all the work for you, heating the milk and whisking it together with the gossamer-fine flakes of our hot chocolate mix until you’ve got a sumptuously smooth chocolate drink. To make our Chilled Chocolat, heat just a small amount of milk with the chocolate mix before adding it to a chilled glass of your choice of milk packed with ice. Our favourites are dairy and oat milk for the added creaminess they provide, but you can even use water if you want a more thirst-quenching chocolate hit.

How to make it:

Pour your choice of dairy or plant milk into the Velvetiser. Empty some of the milk into a large cup, but ensure the whisk is still covered.

Pour your single-serve into the Velvetiser. Press the button. While you wait, add 3-4 ice cubes to your cup of milk.

Once Velvetised, pour the liquid chocolat onto the iced milk. Stir for one minute to ensure your beverage is evenly chilled. Enjoy.

Not just any chocolate milkshake

Do you normally find milkshakes too sweet? Or have you been hankering for a white chocolate milkshake that didn’t just taste of sugar and vanilla essence? Here at Hotel Chocolat, we couldn’t find anything on the market that we liked, so we made our own hot chocolate. We took our classic chocolate and whittled them down into fine flakes that melt almost instantly in warm milk. Nothing artificial, ever – just the way our chocolate always is.

See how the Velvetiser makes the smoothest, creamiest hot chocolate.

Our flavours

The Classic collection: We’ve taken our single origin Honduran chocolate and created a 100% cocoa creation for a rich, strong chocolate drink without any sugar. If you like the cocoa-rich notes but want a mellow flavour and a touch of sweetness, our 70% cocoa is a perfect balance. Our best-selling 50% single serves have the classic milkshake flavour, perfect for a sweeter tooth and is a delightfully decadent way to enjoy a summer drink.

The Indulgent collection: Our years of chocolate expertise mean we’ve tried countless chocolate pairings, and we’ve kept the best for our single serve sachets. For a decadent treat, mix your milk with our salted caramel mixture, or sprinkle in a roasted hazelnut blend instead . We’ve added some tasmanian peppermint oil to our dark chocolate mixture for those bright flavour notes, or go for our white chocolate lifted with a blush of zesty raspberry

To get the most luxurious taste we don’t use syrups or any artificial flavours to give the richest, most authentic chocolate flavour possible. Don’t take our word for it; this summer create a velvety, chocolatey, decadent summer drink to enjoy at any time of day.