9 Jun 2017

Father's Day

Classic anecdotes, quirky jokes and heartfelt advice – we’re looking for choice ‘dad’ phrases that have stayed with you. Celebrate Father’s Day by sharing #WhatDadSaid for a chance to win him a hamper packed with goodies!

Did he tell you those crusts would curl your hair or that carrots were excellent for night vision? What stories did he weave? Perhaps you’re a dad yourself and have a classic catchphrase? Celebrate those wise (and not-so-wise) words this Father’s Day, June 18th: share #WhatDadSaid on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for your chance to win a Hotel Chocolat hamper – perfect prose not required!

Whether it’s poignant or downright funny, here are a few of our favourite ‘dad’ sayings to get the ball rolling…

Martin’s story

Me: Dad, please can you give us a lift back from the airport when we land next week?
Dad: If you can afford a holiday, you can afford a taxi.

This advice came two weeks after I had given them a lift back from the airport!

Laura’s story

When we were young, my dad would insist on dragging us out for a long country walk. After what seemed like days of rambling through fields and climbing over stiles (in reality no longer than an hour) dad would suggest we took a ‘shortcut’ home (the longest in the world, and a sneaky attempt to stretch our legs a little more). His now-infamous ‘shortcuts’ have become a running joke in the family!

Michelle’s story

My dad is a real character with the most incredible social skills. Getting him to speak is never a concern, getting him to stop speaking – that’s another thing! One gem that I hold very dear, and often repeat to my own children, is: “You only get one chance at life – live it! Don’t hold back, throw yourself in and don’t worry about the stuff you can’t control.”

Martin’s other story

When I was nine, during our two-week Easter break, my dad started talking very loudly on the phone: “Sorry Mr Stone,” (our headmaster) “I had no idea school was back in today.” We were horrified when he burst in saying we had to get ready straight away. My brother had a tantrum, and we rushed around to find homework, school supplies, PE kit… It was only when we were sitting in the car that he announced it was April Fools’. I’m now 37, and still angry!

Craig’s story

My dad always used to come up with a lot of motivational quotes, but he said something once that stuck: “Don’t ever work for your pay. Always work for what you could get paid.” I think that message could be applied to every aspect of life. Never do things half-heartedly… a good lesson from the old man!

Nicole’s story

Not so much a catchphrase, more an attitude: my dad always brought me up to do anything boys could do. I remember he’d play sports with me in the garden, take me to football, teach me how to build things and how to change a tyre on a car. I was like the son he never had. Now I have him wrapped round my little finger, so all those cold trips to football paid off!

Lisa’s story

My dad always said there is no such word as ‘can’t’, you can do anything if you put your mind to it. Sadly my dad passed away 18 months ago, after a long terminal illness. He carried on laughing and joking, taking one day at a time, and he lived longer and battled against the illness thanks to his positive attitude and inner strength. Father’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate dads and thank them for all they do and all the good advice they give. You only fully understand as an adult what a positive role model can do for you.

Martin’s other other story

This one was when I was 15…
Dad: I need two trees cut down in the garden, so be up early on Saturday.
Me: Why do I have to do it?
You don’t get a dog and bark yourself.

Sarah’s story

My dad said many lovely things; he used to magic bedtime stories out of thin air, tales you’d never want to end. Words that stayed with me were: “You can travel anywhere in your imagination.” Too true.

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