How to choose the best chocolate gift for Dad this Father’s Day

22 May 2023

Father's Day Gifts

Gift your dad a treat as sweet as he is with ethically sourced chocolate for Father’s Day

As June approaches, we start to think about the father figures in our lives. Dad. Father. Uncle. Grandad. Whatever you call him, is there a better way to show your love and gratitude than with Father’s Day chocolate gifts? After all, chocolate is synonymous with love and indulgence. So why not treat the significant man in your life with chocolate for Father’s Day?

Dad and daughter with a 'Happy Father's Day' card

Why get Dad chocolate for Father’s Day?

For many of us, Father’s Day is the one day in the year when we remember to say thank you to the father figure in our life. He’s been there for you through it all. From the first scraped knee to your first job; through all the heartbreaks and the big wins. But sometimes we forget to show Dad how much we appreciate all that support. So, if you’re looking for a thoughtful way to remind your dad, uncle, grandad or mentor that you really recognise all he does for you, browse our chocolate gifts for Father’s Day.


Wondering why chocolate is such a great Father’s Day present? We may be a little biased but we also think it’s clear to see that chocolate is a timeless gift option. It’s the perfect pick-me-up, any time of day, and with so many flavour combinations available, you’re sure to find something for even the pickiest of fathers. You can mix and match smaller items or go all out with a large chocolate box or generous Cabinet.

An experience to share

There’s also something nostalgic about chocolate. It has the power to create special moments of connection between a father and child — no matter how old that child may be. Sharing a box of chocolates with your dad can be a delightful experience, fostering a sense of connection and creating lasting memories. It provides an opportunity to slow down, savour the flavours, and enjoy that quality time together.


At Hotel Chocolat, we craft our chocolate from ethically sourced cacao. And we like to think our values — such as leaving things better than we found them — chime with dads and father figures everywhere. Opting for ethically sourced chocolates for Father’s Day adds an extra layer of significance. It demonstrates your commitment to supporting sustainable farming practices and ensures that the treat you’re giving has been created with care and respect for the environment.

Young woman sitting with her grandfather

Choosing the best chocolate gift for Father’s Day

Chocolate for Father’s Day may be a classic gift option but you still have plenty of choice. Getting the right selection can take time, thought and care. So if you’re short on inspiration, these tips should help you find chocolate gifts that will make his day.

Is he a fan of white, dark, or milk chocolate?

Does your dad have a sweet tooth? Or does he prefer his chocolate with a darker edge? Establishing his chocolate preference is the first step to choosing the ideal gift.

  • A surefire winner for dads up and down the country, our milk chocolate is rich, creamy and packed with high-quality cacao. Our milk chocolate collection features a higher cacao content than most, with a minimum of 40%. This ensures Dad can experience the nuanced flavour cacao brings, paired with mellow creaminess.
  • For dads who adore the delicate vanilla notes of white chocolate, our white Slabs, Batons, and Selectors are brimming with cacao butter for the ultimate melt-in-the-mouth texture.
  • If he enjoys his chocolate on the richer side, our dark chocolate showcases the deep, satisfying taste of cacao. Match your dad with some seriously dark bars and Batons in the 70% to 100% cacao range.

For the dad that embraces a bit of everything, why not cheat and gift him the Everything Sleekster? Featuring 27 of our most iconic chocolates, from creamy milk and white to high cacao, it’s an excellent choice for the best dad ever.

Milk, dark, and white chocolate pieces

What types of flavours does he like?

Is he a gourmet dad, always playing with exciting flavour combinations in the kitchen? Or does he prefer to savour every flavour unadorned? Plug his preferences into our Chocolate Love Match quiz to help you find the ultimate chocolate for Father’s Day.

Using our deep understanding of flavours and tastes, we can match your dad with something Exuberantly Fruity or creamy and mellow. We’ll help remove the guesswork from getting the perfect chocolate match with just a few simple questions. The result? The ideal Father’s Day flavour match.

Does he enjoy a single type of chocolate or plenty of variety?

Does your dad always order the same takeaway? Or is he a flavour explorer who enjoys plenty of variety?

He’ll love our Single Origin chocolate if he sticks to a specific flavour profile. Made from some of the world’s best beans. Blended with cacao from our Rabot 1745 estate in Saint Lucian and enrobing pistachio or almond praline, these bean-to-bar chocolates deliver a nuanced flavour profile. What could be better for a rare, vintage dad than rare, vintage chocolate?

On the other hand, if he adores plenty of variety, he’ll be like a kid in a sweet shop with our plethora of flavours. From our Patisserie range that reimagines dessert favourites in chocolate form to fresh and fruity flavours of cherry, raspberry and citrus, he’ll be spoiled for choice.

Would he go for Batons and Slabs or filled chocolates?

Is your dad a Willy Wonka, savouring every bite of a chocolate bar? Or is he a Forrest Gump, never knowing what he’ll get from a box of chocolates? Fortunately, we cater for every cacao lover with our chocolate gifts for Father’s Day.

Our Batons and Slabs deliver pure flavour with fruity, creamy and daringly dark varieties. Meanwhile, for filled chocolate indulgence, our Chocolate Boxes and Selector packs offer adventurous new flavours or old favourites. Whichever you choose, they’re perfect for some serious me-time for hardworking dads.

Does he drink alcohol?

If your dad loves to celebrate with a drink, why not treat him to a Cocoa Beer? Alternatively, go for a bottle of our Chateaux Chocolate Vintage Red Wine — the perfect partner for his favourite dark chocolate bar. We’ve even blended premium spirits with our signature chocolate to create a range of elegant truffles and filled chocolates redolent with champagne, gin and single malt whisky. Otherwise, we have a range of Slabs and Sleeksters carefully crafted to be alcohol-free.

Our favourite Father’s Day chocolate gifts

Are you still trying to decide on the best Father’s Day chocolate gifts for your dad? We’ve curated a collection of nibbles and treats that any father figure would be delighted to receive.

No dad should be without a Vevetiser in the kitchen — even if he only uses it to spoil you on a visit home. So remember to pop in a selection of your favourite Hot Chocolate flakes. Our revolutionary in-home hot chocolate system is the fuss-free way to make perfect, barista-style hot chocolate every time. And the anthracite grey model looks effortlessly chic for any silver fox. He could even set up his own hot chocolate station.

For the dad who likes a little bit of everything, why not spoil him with the Father’s Day Sleekster? This collection of our iconic favourites features pralines, truffles and our take on Billionaire’s Shortbread. You could also supersize your chocolate for Father’s Day with the Everything Luxe — 44 best-sellers from Mousse au Chocolat to Raspberry Smoothies.

If your budget is small, but you want to make a big impression, try the Simply Thanks collection of our favourite chocolates in an elegant box. And for the dad who’s always running around after everyone else and never gets time to himself, give him the gift of our Mug & A Hug Collection. It’s your way of letting him know how much you appreciate everything he does.

Or why not say cheers, Dad, with some Cocoa Beer? Our Dark Ale and IPA are brewed with cacao shells for extra depth of flavour and a refreshingly original taste. Otherwise, our Tipple & Treats packs featuring our flavoured vodkas are guaranteed to please. And for a Father who prefers the sophistication of our alcohol-free range, try the Classic Cabinet, packed with nutty pralines, solid chocolate batons and ridiculously moreish fruit flavours.

With so many great Father’s Day chocolate gifts, we’ve curated an entire collection for you to choose from. So naturally, you’re bound to be the favourite offspring, at least until next Father’s Day.

Father and daughter eating chocolate

Treat Dad this Father’s Day with gifts from Hotel Chocolat

For all the things Dad does for you, we think he deserves a treat. So why not shop Father’s Day gifts at Hotel Chocolat and delight the cacao-loving father figure in your life this June?