Why do Easter eggs taste different from other chocolate?

15 Mar 2023


From texture to flavour notes, what is it that makes Easter eggs taste different from other chocolate?

Just like the chocolate in your advent calendar, Easter eggs seem to have a unique taste. But is there a difference in their ingredients or is it all down to seasonal perception? Let’s explore what makes Easter eggs so irresistible and satisfying.

Mini Easter eggs in gold foil

Do Easter eggs really taste different?

We all experience flavours in different ways. One person’s preference may not be the same as another’s. You might love the creamy vanilla notes of white chocolate, appreciate mellow milk chocolate or adore dark chocolate with nuanced bitterness. However, have you ever taken a bite of an Easter egg and felt there was something different about it? Perhaps you’ve asked the question “why does easter egg chocolate taste better?”

Well, according to studies, there could be several reasons for this…


Easter chocolate tends to focus on smooth, round shapes. From classic eggs — large or petite — to the curved ears of chocolate bunnies, treats for this springtime holiday usually move away from the traditional rectangular chocolate bar.

In 2013, scientists worked with a worldwide chocolate brand to carry out a study on shape and taste. Their Easter egg taste test found the shape of a piece of chocolate can influence its texture and flavour. Even if no ingredients in a recipe change, the way we experience the chocolate can change, depending on the mould used.

The 2013 study suggests that we find round chocolate to have the best melt and the smoothest texture. This is backed up by the British Food Journal’s 2021 study. But it’s not just the texture that can be impacted by shape, either. Jool’s Simner’s research found that we perceive angular-shaped food to be more bitter. Round food, on the other hand, enhances sweetness. Why? Professor Peter Barham from the University of Bristol says it’s all to do with molecules — he suggests that a round shape with a large surface area releases molecules more quickly.

Although all of these studies have been carried out on a small scale, they offer up some interesting theories on why chocolate eggs may have a distinctive “Easter” taste. 

A variety of chocolate Easter eggs


Did you know that molecules also play an important role in smell? Many chocolate producers favour thinner chocolate at Easter — and thinner chocolate melts more quickly, releasing more aroma molecules. However, while thin chocolate eggs might smell enticing, they often melt down to a very small amount of chocolate, which can be less than satisfying.

At Hotel Chocolat, we decided to buck the trend with our Easter eggs and create lavishly thick designs. From our Extra Thick Easter Eggs to our opulent Ostrich Eggs, these seasonal delights are sumptuous, and far longer-lasting than wafer-thin varieties. We may be biased, but we think they smell rather lovely, too.

Inside each egg, you’ll find a generous selection of luxurious truffles, pralines, and filled chocolates to keep you going throughout the Easter holidays.


It’s well-known that we dine with our eyes before tasting a single mouthful — and presentation can influence the way we experience food. As well as smelling beautiful, Easter eggs can be impressive to look at. Rather than peeling a standard chocolate bar wrapper, you can break the shell in half with a satisfying snap.

In many cases, you can enjoy striking packaging, too. Many of our luxury Easter eggs, for instance, are presented in elegant reusable tins, making them a delight to behold before you tuck in. 

Seasonal anticipation

Do you remember the feeling of waking up on Easter morning and hoping that the Easter Bunny had been? Similar to the excitement around Christmas, the anticipation that builds up around seasonal celebrations can potentially enhance the taste of chocolate. Even if you no longer lay awake thinking about the presents and treats waiting for you, nostalgia is a powerful thing!

Our experience of food is influenced by more than taste alone. Giving and receiving Easter gifts — not to mention the process of going on an Easter egg hunt — can all add to feelings of joy and contentment which we then associate with the chocolate itself.

Two children with Easter baskets for an Easter egg hunt

Luxury Easter chocolate from Hotel Chocolat

At Hotel Chocolat, all of our Easter Eggs are crafted with the same ethically sourced cacao and high-quality ingredients as our other chocolate products. We never compromise, preferring instead to let cacao shine through as the number-one ingredient. We do, however, love exploring different shapes, and seeing how this changes the way we can experience chocolate.

From our luxury take on traditional round Easter eggs to our unique “hard-boiled” eggs and quirky Egg Sandwiches, we like to see how these different formats can make our chocolate even more satisfying. 
There’s something magical about Easter. And whether it’s the shape and thickness of the chocolate or simply the excitement of the springtime holiday, Easter eggs are sure to bring an extra element of joy.

This year, why not surprise your friends and loved ones with premium Easter chocolate from Hotel Chocolat? If you’re sending your gifts in the post, don’t forget to take a look at our delivery options.