How to run a fun Easter egg hunt for adults

13 Mar 2023


Do you miss the excitement of an easter egg hunt from when you were younger? Enjoy some springtime joy with an Easter egg hunt for adults

Running around the garden looking for little chocolate eggs is something that most of us remember fondly. There’s something so exciting about finding those Easter eggs amongst the newly flowering daffodils. For some reason, when we become adults, we stop participating in Easter egg hunts. This wholesome activity, however, can still bring some much-needed springtime joy. So, why not embrace your inner child and bring Easter traditions back to life with a fun, grown-up twist on the classic activity? Read on for our tips on setting up a delightful Easter egg hunt for adults.

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Easter egg hunt ideas for adults

Ideal for entertaining friends and family members over the Easter holidays, these egg hunt ideas are ideal for both adults and older children or teenagers (minus the alcohol content, of course).

Gifts and forfeits Easter egg hunt

This is a fun twist on the traditional Easter egg hunt. The idea behind this is to make your Easter egg hunt last for hours of fun after you have found all the Easter eggs. Firstly, find a collection of plastic Easter eggs that you can easily open up to add a message inside. If you can’t find these plastic eggs, then you could use numbered pictures or eggs, which correspond to a message that you have. Write a selection of ‘gifts’ and ‘forfeits’ on small pieces of paper, you can even make these themed for your guests.

The gifts could include a Luxury Easter Egg, a quirky ‘Egg Sandwich’, or even a Cacao Gin miniature. For forfeits, you could set up an Easter-themed obstacle course, get your participant to spin a hula hoop, or ask them to sing a song.

Riddles and Brainteasers

Do you have some super smart friends coming to your Easter egg hunt? Get them to work for their chocolate with a tricky set of riddles and brainteasers that will lead them to the prizes.

Instead of letting everyone run off to try and find Easter eggs, split your party into two teams and give them a series of clues which will lead them around your venue. You could get them to find treats along the way (perhaps some mini Quail Eggs or a Gianduja Ribbon Bag), or create a trail that leads to a treasure trove of Easter gifts at the end.

This Easter egg hunt is ideal for adults who love quizzes and fancy a bit of a challenge. Why not tailor the riddles and brainteasers to your group? For example, you could use shared experiences as the basis for your clues or make some hints more interactive with music or video clips.

Group of friends outside

Golden ticket scavenger hunt

Remember Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the hunt for a golden ticket? This Easter egg hunt follows a similar idea. To make this the most successful you’ll need a larger space, such as a garden or park.

Hide a range of Easter eggs in a variety of sizes and colours around the space, along with a golden ticket. You can make one using a piece of gold card, and add any special message you like. Tuck the golden ticket away somewhere tricky. Whoever finds it will win the best prize of all. This could be a particularly large Easter Egg — one of our Ostrich Easter Eggs, perhaps. Alternatively, it could be a generous Easter hamper, like our Abundantly Easter Hamper or Easter Just For You Collection.

If you’re feeling creative, you could make a papier mache Easter egg and fill it with your guests’ favourite treats. Small chocolate packs, like our cute Elizapeck Speckled Eggs, work well.

GPS or Geocaching Easter egg hunt

Have you ever been geocaching? This global activity essentially uses GPS signals so that participants can hide objects (known as caches) and set digital clues so that others can find them. Why not harness the concept of geocaching to add a tech twist to your Easter egg hunt?

To do so, choose an area and hide your Easter eggs. Then, map out your Easter egg locations on a GPS tracking system and share the maps with your attendees — you may be able to send them via a messaging app. Make sure you keep track of where you have hidden the Easter eggs and go back to check that your guests have picked up all the treats at the end of the hunt.

Using GPS or geocaching technology allows you to hide your Easter eggs over a much larger area of land. For example, you could hide the eggs over a popular walk in your area or throughout your city or town. This is also a great way to involve family members from different generations. If you want an Easter egg hunt that will engage adults and teenagers, adding a digital element can bring different age groups together.

GPS system on a phone

Top tips for running your Easter egg hunt

When planning your Easter egg hunt there are a number of things to consider:

Where will you host your Easter egg hunt?

Maybe you’ve got a great garden which will be perfect, or you have the perfect park nearby that you want to use. Either way, make sure you have a backup plan in case of bad weather.

How many people will you invite?

Is this a small family affair, or are you having a bigger Easter event that the Easter egg hunt is a part of? You need to ensure that you have the right amount of chocolate. No one should leave your hunt feeling like they have missed out on the Easter eggs.

What type of Easter eggs are you going to get?

Do you want to get a range of sized Easter eggs or stick to one smaller size? You will also need to consider any dietary requirements such as whether you need to buy some Vegan Easter eggs. If you are creating an Easter egg hunt with a grand prize at the end, look for a Luxury Easter Egg that really evokes a sense of decadence. Our Extra Thick Easter Eggs are brimming with truffles, pralines, and filled chocolates, making them an opulent choice.

How many Easter egg hunts do you need to do?

If you have a large group attending your event, you may need to host two different hunts. Additionally, if you have children attending your Easter egg hunt, you could do a traditional Easter egg hunt for them, and then use one of our ideas listed above for the adult Easter egg hunt.

Do you want to decorate?

Adding some spring or Easter-themed decorations can be a lovely way to make your event extra special. Consider adding bunting, floral decor, baskets, and other trimmings to add the ‘wow factor’. You could also consider serving some Easter food and drinks.

Luxury Easter eggs and chocolate gifts from Hotel Chocolat

At Hotel Chocolat, we have a range of luxury treats that make ideal Easter egg hunt prizes for adults and children alike. Browse our Easter collection for cacao-rich eggs, bunnies, and chocolate gift boxes.