4 Ways to Treat Yourself This Easter

12 Apr 2017


Easter – it’s the time of year we can finally emerge from our nationwide hibernation and embrace a sunny springtime. Let’s all vow to make it a good one.

To help you start off strong, we’ve put together these four ways to treat yourself this Easter. From living in luxury to getting your hands dirty, choosing any one of these this Easter will leave you smiling.

1. Get a luxurious massage

Easter can make for a busier household as family come to stay, but there are still ways to relax and unwind in your own space. We recommend treating yourself to a luxurious massage. Not only will it get you out of the house, but you’ll enjoy an hour (or however long you like) of total guilt-free pampering.

According to research, massages can help with anxiety, headaches, and stress-related insomnia. So if the daily grind is getting you down, a massage is more than pampering – it’s essential.

2. Garden – even if you don’t have a garden

Everyone says they want more time for gardening, and it’s no coincidence that Easter arrives just as springtime begins. The season is all about rebirth and fresh starts. It also happens to come with a long weekend…

Make the most of the sunnier, warmer weather and get into the garden.

Research has shown that being surrounded by flowers improves one’s health, and getting active in the garden reduces your overall risk of stroke and heart disease. Plus, it can’t hurt having your own personal supply for colourful, aromatic gift options right in the back garden.

And if you don’t have a garden? If you have a window, you can garden! Grab a planter, fill it with soil, and brighten up your space with some beautiful flowers and herbs.

3. Treat yourself to some fine dining

Although they are meant to be a time to relax, the holidays are often stressful for many people. Accommodating visiting family members, arranging meal plans, and potentially looking after a herd of hyperactive children – you don’t want Easter to be added stress on your plate.

Step away from it all and do something just for you. A posh meal out with your partner (or even your best friend) is the perfect way to indulge in a luxurious evening: good food, good company, and no stress.

When you spend most of your time taking care of others, taking the time to treat yourself every now and again is a must.
Need some inspiration? Check out our restaurants and cafés.

4. Do something for Future You

Have you ever heard the phrase “Do something for Future You?” It’s all about taking care of yourself now so that Future You is happier. Most of the time, it means doing your work now so you can play later, but we think it applies here, too.

Monthly subscription boxes are a great way to treat yourself a little each month. We have a monthly chocolate tasting club, for example. Each month, our 70,000 members receive a box of our latest chocolates. They then rate them for us, and the best ones are eventually introduced to the public.

Seize the day and treat yourself this Easter with a gift that keeps on giving.