Create your own hamper for cosy winter nights

19 Dec 2023

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It’s time to get cosy with a hamperful of essential seasonal chocolate treats.

‘Tis the season for hot chocolate. As the temperature drops, we all crave something cosy for those long winter nights. And there’s no doubt that a cup of hot chocolate is a warming, decadent and luxurious way to keep out the cold.

But cacao-rich drinks aren’t the only way to enjoy winter chocolate. A bespoke hamper, brimming with cacao treats, is a fabulous way to embrace all the flavours of winter wrapped up in a chocolate biscuit, creamy truffle or decadent Slab. Read on for our guide on how to make a delightful chocolate hamper — for yourself or a loved one.

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The benefits of making a personalised chocolate hamper

We tend to connect chocolate gifts with Easter and Christmas. But a personalised hamper is a fantastic pick-me-up in the depths of winter — yes, even outside of Advent!. After all, what could be more cheering than a gift brimming with your favourite cacao-related treats?

Create your own gift hamper, and you have a treat that’s a joy to give and to receive. After all, you either have the pleasure of picking out the perfect flavours, or you get to indulge in cacao-rich chocolate. You can fill their hamper to the brim with their favourite Selectors so no one is disappointed. The result is a memorable gift that everyone remembers and cherishes.

And you don’t have to stop with chocolates. You could add all kinds of delectable treats, from luxury biscuits and pamper treats to the ultimate in hot chocolate indulgence, a Velvetiser and a set of Podcups. It’s the attention to detail that makes a personalised chocolate hamper such a desirable gift.

Cosy essentials for a winter hamper

So, what should you include in your chocolate hamper? Depending on your budget, you could make a gift set with a few sachets of your giftee’s favourite hot chocolate and some irresistible nibbles. Or you could go all out with our lavish The Signature Cabinet and a bottle of celebratory fizz.

When you create your own chocolate collection, there’s no limit to what you can include. But here’s what we would count as essentials for our ideal winter chocolate hamper:

Hot chocolate

There’s something irresistible about hot chocolate in winter. So, including our indulgent Hot Chocolate Sachets should be at the top of your list. Rich, flavourful and silky, it’s the perfect way to warm up and get cosy. So you’ll want to pop an Everything Hot Chocolate Sacehet Selection in your hamper.

You’ll find all the flavours of the season included, from classic Salted Caramel to our luxurious Orange Supermilk and tongue-tingling Ginger. Paired with dairy or plant-based milks, they’re the ultimate treat.

A favourite mug

A mug is a handy gift for any time of day and a must for a chocolate hamper. A good quality mug is a practical gift that makes enjoying a hot chocolate, tea or coffee a true delight.

Choose a mug that matches their style, and it’ll quickly find a treasured place in their collection. Or pop in a pair of our pretty Petite Podcups. Big enough to share a serving of hot chocolate, they’re a delightful gift for a wedding or an anniversary for your favourite couple.

Alternatively, there’s our Hug Coffee Cup — sleek, tactile, and perfect for any hot drink, it’s a great way to make a chocolate hamper extra special.


We all love something to nibble or dunk with our hot drink. So what better addition to a decadent hamper than biscuits that really are all about the chocolate?

Do you know a nibbler? Then pop in a box of melt-in-you-mouth Chocolat Shortbreads enrobed in our signature chocolate. A quick tea break will never be the same again. And the embossed box is perfect for all your keepsakes and mementoes — or more delectable biscuits.

On the other hand, any dunkers won’t want to pass up our Dunking Biscuit Selection. Our crisp-baked biscotti deliver a full ten-second dunk. So why not try amping up the flavour by pairing a Chocolate & Sour Cherry with a delectable Black Forest Gateau Hot Chocolate? Or give a simply irresistible Chocolate biscotti a deeper resonance with a shot of intense 85% Dark Hot Chocolate.

Irresistible chocolate treats

When you make a chocolate hamper, don’t skimp on those irresistible cacao-rich treats. Giving the gift of chocolate never fails to impress the chocoholic in your life. And it’s a classic gift for a reason — cacao is rich, luxurious and indulgent. It’s the perfect pick-me-up.

Our Chocolate Selectors are the perfect treat. So it would be a shame not to pop in a pack of our award-winning Mint Chocolate Royales with their fragrant and lip-tingling butter-mint caramel. Or our crunchy-crispy-creamy super-indulgent Trillionaire Shortbread. If you’re on a budget, make a chocolate box with a little of everything from our Small Chocolate Packs range.

With adventurous new flavours and old favourites, there’s something for everyone. From fresh, fruity and tangy Lemon Chocolate Cheesecake to crunchy, melting Hazelnut Pralines, you’ll find the perfect mouthful for a showstopping gift.

Wooden heart shape surrounded by red roses and assorted chocolates.

Additional items to make it extra snug

There’s no doubt about it. Winter is the cosy season — time to retreat indoors with comfy blankets, fluffy socks and scented candles. So don’t forget a few delectable pamper treats to add to your hamper.

Follow the chocolate theme and seek out cacao scrubs and facemasks. Bundle up in a gorgeous chocolate-coloured cashmere blanket (we can dream) or a pair of thick, fluffy socks. If you’re on a budget, look for small treats like a perfect pair of gloves or cuddly earmuffs. Even a fleecy hot water bottle can be a luxury when you snuggle up sipping your favourite hot chocolate.

Themed hamper ideas

You’ve chosen the contents with care, but there’s still something missing that elevates your gift from thoughtful to exceptional. Why not come up with a theme that makes your gift an extra-special treat? A theme is a lovely way to tailor your hamper to your gift recipient.

Cosy date night hamper

Chocolate is the perfect gift for lovers. Create a memorable gift to enjoy with your significant other with a date night themed hamper. Create the ideal at-home date night ambience with a hamper packed with indulgent chocolates. After all, when you’ve finally carved out some time together, what could be nicer than a decadent treat?

Build your hamper around the Mini Chocolate Dipping Adventure for Two. It’s a dippable, dunkable box of delights. So, you can take the concept of ‘staying in’ to a new level. Pop in a bottle of your favourite fizz (with or without alcohol), some silly conversation starters and a blanket to snuggle under for a fun date night to remember.

If you really want to your special someone, pop in an Everything Luxe and a favourite romcom.

Reader’s retreat: hampers for bookworms

Is there anything nicer than curling up with a good book and a mug of hot chocolate on a blustery day? A hamper is such a thoughtful gift for the bookworm in your life.

Include a selection of classic novels and our 85% Dark Chocolate Batons for a contemplative nibble. Or celebrate chick lit with Bridget Jones and our Barbie-pink Rasberry-White Chocolate Batons. If Chocolat is one of their favourite books, whisk them away to France with a Patisserie Sleekster. And who wouldn’t love a copy of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with a selection of scrumdiddlyumptious Supermilk treats?

Add a mug, their favourite hot chocolate sachets and a book bag. Then pop in a Better Way Bar as a handy edible bookmark.

Movie night nibbles

Unwind and relax with a night in at the movies. Make a hamper packed with their favourite savoury snacks and a selection of sweet Selectors in all your giftee’s favourite flavours.

No movie night is complete without popcorn — why not add in some corn for popping and a bag of Salted Caramel Chocolate Puddles to melt over the top? It’s the ultimate sweet and savoury treat. Include a gift card for the streamer of your choice and a treat bowl for that luscious popcorn.

A hamper for all the family

Make a gift hamper brimming with indulgent cacao treats, and you have the ultimate family gift. Be sure to include a mix of milk, white and dark treats like the Mellow Baton Library. And supersize everything so everyone gets a bite. That means plenty of our Small Chocolate Packs brimming with adorable treats from grown-up Pink Champagne Chocolate Truffles to our delightful Dapper Dogs.

Upgrade the Mini Dipping Adventure to the Large Chocolate Dipping Adventure so all the family can dip, dunk and smother. Add an indulgent Velvetiser and a family-sized Hot Chocolate Subscription for breakfasting in style. Or go for broke with our stunning Everything Collection, packed with our best-selling crowd-pleasing flavours.  

Festive hot chocolate looking cosy next to biscuits.

How to present your gift hamper

Once you’ve assembled all your gifts, it’s time for some showstopping packaging. Presenting your hamper is half the fun, so take your time getting the presentation just right. Depending on how many treats you’re gifting, choose a box or basket that shows off the contents to perfection.

Upcycling an old cardboard box is a sustainable way to get creative and display your gifts in style. You’ll also need some pretty tissue paper or other packaging material, ribbons, decorations, mini lights, some cellophane and a gift tag.

  • Start by filling your box or basket with packing material or tissue paper. Aim to create a cushioned base for your gifts to sit on. Pack any gaps between items with extra tissue paper or packaging. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look super-professional – everyone loves the human touch.
  • Next, curl in some mini battery-operated lights (you can hide the battery pack in your mug) and add any other wintry decorations. We love sprigs of winter greenery, pine cones and pretty baubles. Finally, wrap everything in cellophane and secure it with a ribbon at the top.
  • For that extra finishing touch, use their favourite coloured ribbons or add a decoration you know they’ll love. Add a gift tag with a funny quote or a thought-provoking saying. And don’t worry if your bow’s a little wonky — the eclectic, homemade charm is all part of the appeal.
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Create your own gift hamper with Hotel Chocolat

Want to make a hamper but don’t have the time? Our Build Your Own Gift Creator is the perfect solution when you’re short on time. Our personalised service lets you perfect your hand-picked, bespoke hamper your way. You can even save a gift to tweak the contents later for the ideal blend of white, milk and dark.

Start by selecting one of our stunning gift bags or boxes, then create your own gift hamper by popping in a selection of gifts. Then, we’ll help you create your own chocolate box or bag brimming with indulgent caco-rich treats in minutes.

Create your own winter hamper with Hotel Chocolat

A themed winter hamper is a fabulous gift. And the best part is that you’ll enjoy curating it as much as gifting it. Most importantly, who doesn’t love the finest chocolate given with love? So make a chocolate hamper today with indulgent cacao treats from Hotel Chocolat.