Celebrate family: gift ideas for your brothers and sisters this Siblings Day

17 Mar 2023

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All the inspiration you need to celebrate your loved ones in style this Siblings Day

Did you know that around 82% of people around the world have siblings? That’s a lot of different relationships to wrap your head around — especially when it’s guaranteed that no two of these sibling dynamics are the same. Some are blessed with a brother or sister they consider their best friend. Others may be prone to the odd bouts of bickering or have busy lives taking them in separate directions. It might not always be easy, but every one of these unique bonds should be appreciated and celebrated all the same. And Siblings Day is the perfect occasion to do just that.

Take a look at our gift ideas and find a treat your sibling will love.

Two sisters laughing

When is National Siblings Day?

Each year, National Siblings Day is celebrated on the 10th of April in some parts of the United States and Canada. Claudia Evart decided to create Siblings Day after tragically losing both her siblings in separate accidents as a child. In the decades since, she’s been devoted to increasing awareness of the event.

In Europe, we have a similar holiday on 31st May — Brothers and Sisters Day. A close relative, you could say.

How to celebrate Siblings Day

Siblings Day is a great excuse to spend some quality time together. That might mean catching up over a coffee, going for a meal or trying a fun new experience together. Whether it’s a quick half an hour or the full weekend, it’s completely down to you.

Got a jam-packed schedule already? In recent years, many have taken to social media to share favourite childhood photos on Siblings Day, taking a moment to reminisce on good times gone by. It might not feel like much, but a Siblings Day shout-out is a sweet gesture all the same.

Siblings by a lake

Gift ideas to celebrate National Siblings Day

And of course, there are always gifts — because who doesn’t love a thoughtful present? And if it’s a surprise, even better. As their sibling, you know them better than most, so you may already have something from their wish list in mind. If not, read on for our gift ideas for him and for her.

Thoughtful gifts for your brother

If you like the idea of an experience gift, we’ve got just the thing. In our Bean to Bar Experience, you’ll transform cacao beans into chocolate bars, gaining plenty of insider knowledge along the way. It also includes a tipple, goody bag, shop discount and more. And if you have multiple siblings, they can join in too. We can accommodate up to 28 guests!

Maybe you have a smaller gesture in mind — just a little something to put a smile on his face. Has he tried our Whisky Truffles Selector? Each chocolate has a shot of 12-year-old single malt whisky set within devilishly smooth truffle, then encased in our signature 50% milk chocolate. The ultimate after-dinner treat.

We also offer two different beers, both made with the discarded shells of the cacao bean. This gives them the malty notes and undertones of bitter chocolate. Maybe we’re biased, but we think they’re rather sensational. If you know he’d be happy to have a bottle or two delivered to his door, consider our Cocoa Beer and Cocoa Blonde Pale Ale.

For more inspiration, browse all our Gifts for Him.

Gift ideas your sister will love

Not much of a whisky girl? We’ve got the perfect tipple for her, too. Allow us to point you in the direction of our Classic Champagne Truffle Tin. Made with the highest quality Mercier champagne, these award-winning truffles are luxury in a bite. Because she doesn’t deserve anything less.

If hot chocolate’s more her thing, there’s no better place to browse than the Velvetiser collection. Alongside our revolutionary hot chocolate maker, we have a range of unique flavours, Dunking Biscuits and more — the best of which are featured in our Velvetiser Devotee: Me & Mine Collection. She may think she’s got hot chocolate making down to an art, but there really are endless ways to experiment.

Maybe your sister doesn’t live too nearby, but you want her to know you’re thinking of her. In this case, the Moment for yourself: Mug & a Hug Collection is perfect. Curled up with a cup of tea or cocoa, she’ll know this one’s on you.

Browse our Gifts for Her for more tokens of affection and generous displays of sibling devotion.

Gold gift box

Hotel Chocolat: Luxury chocolate gifts for siblings

Whoever the lucky recipient is, you simply can’t go wrong with a box of luxury chocolates — and that’s something Hotel Chocolat has in abundance. For the dessert lover, there’s the Patisserie Sleekster. Alternatively, you can stray on the zestier side with the Exuberantly Fruity Sleekster. Or to tick all the boxes, go for the Everything Luxe. Your sibling might need a hand from the rest of the family to get through them, but as they say, sharing is caring.

The whole range of Hotel Chocolat products is available with gift wrapping fit for any special occasion. So if you know they already have a favourite from our collection, we can easily make it Siblings-Day-ready. And we’ll deliver it straight to their home or yours — whichever option best matches up with your National Siblings Day plans.

One final suggestion would be to give them the gift of choice. Hotel Chocolat Gift Cards can be spent in stores, online, and even at our cafes, restaurants and Chocolate Tasting Adventures, putting the world of Hotel Chocolat at their fingertips.