Hotel Chocolat Supermilk





Our new Supermilk has all the pleasure of milk chocolate and all the power of dark. 65% of pure cocoa, a splash of milk and less sugar than a dark chocolate bar.

A decadently high cocoa content means that it takes just a small portion of Supermilk to satisfy a chocolate craving. The smooth, creamy flavour lingers on while the cocoa makes you feel focused, energised and on top of the world.

Centuries ago, Mayans revered the potent cocoa bean so much that it was worshipped as a gift from the gods. Somewhere along the way, the power of cocoa has been lost in translation and milk chocolate has become sweeter and sweeter. In fact most milk chocolate today contains twice as much sugar as cocoa. The fact that sugar is a tenth of the cost of cocoa could explain why this is.

Supermilk is a revolutionary new genre of milk chocolate. The opulent, intense taste married with a set of outstanding nutritional benefits make it a complete game changer.

  • Delivers the most intense milk chocolate experience
  • Has a revolutionary high cocoa of 65% and a low sugar content of 25%
  • Is packed with powerful cocoa fuel for your body, rather than empty sugar calories
  • Contains no artificial flavourings or sweeteners
  • Satisfies with less



The Supermilk Story


Back in 2006, we bought a cocoa estate on the island of Saint Lucia and became cocoa growers. Quickly falling under the spell of cocoa, we started to use the ingredient wherever possible. We created the world’s first single cote chocolate bar, spearheaded savoury cocoa cuisine, (with restaurants in London, Saint Lucia and Leeds) and house the world’s largest range of 100% dark chocolate bars.

We experimented for some time with high cocoa milk chocolate, reducing the sugar and increasing the cocoa as much as we dared*. Soon a fan club developed, picking up on the concept of a truly premium milk chocolate with the all-important creamy cocoa hit, just dragging much less sugar up with it. A bit like having a great flat white and passing on the sugar.

We have honed the recipe to perfection and are proud to bring you Supermilk - a sustainable, healthier way to enjoy the undeniable allure of milk chocolate. Milk chocolate will never be the same again. Supermilk is here.



Health Benefits


Mayan warriors marched all day and won battles on just a small bag of cocoa beans. The 17th century diarist Samuel Pepys used chocolate as a hangover cure. People have known for centuries that cocoa and chocolate can make us feel good both physically and mentally, but modern research has only recently begun to show us how. 

What makes Hotel Chocolat’s Supermilk chocolates super is the huge amount of cocoa they contain – 65% per cent and more. That’s the kind of level you usually find in dark chocolate.

More cocoa means less sugar, and a big cocoa hit that satisfies your chocolate cravings with less. You’ll also you enjoy all the health benefits of high-cocoa dark chocolate.



Dalia Maori, Registered Dietician


“Packed with the antioxidant powerhouse of cocoa, Supermilk has all the health benefits of dark chocolate with even less sugar, more creaminess and a good satisfaction punch to your appetite centres.


Hotel Chocolat Supermilk introduces a new and very exciting age in the world of chocolate development: The taste and mouth feel is what you’d expect from a milk chocolate bar – very smooth and creamy – but with a cocoa depth which communicates a more profound satiety signal to your body. Forget soulless calorie counting; eating whole natural foods which instinctively satisfy better can allow you to effortlessly indulge in luxurious treats without overdoing it.” 



Questions & Answers


It looks a lot like dark chocolate to me. Is this definitely milk chocolate?


Looks can be deceiving – taste it. Sugar-heavy milk chocolate is usually pale because the cheaper sugar replaces more expensive and darker cocoa, lightening the cocoa.


From what provenance is the cocoa used?


Some of our Supermilk is made with a blend of cocoa beans from different regions, enabling us to use our skill to achieve the same taste from each batch and balance out flavour differences between different cocoa harvests. In our Rare & Vintage range you’ll find single-origin Supermilks whose nuanced flavour profiles vary from harvest to harvest.


What type of sugar have you used?


Regular granulated sugar as we wanted a neutral flavour, leaving the cocoa and creamy flavours to take centre stage.


How many calories and grams of fat are there in a serving?


A serving is estimated at 25g. In a typical 65%-cocoa Supermilk there are about 145 calories, about 5% more than ordinary milk chocolate. This is because we are swapping empty sugar calories for richer, real food – body-fuel cocoa calories. The fat in Supermilk comes mostly from cocoa butter, which is a natural fat similar to coconut or avocado fat. As cocoa butter is higher in Supermilk, overall fat is 43% – about 46g per 100g.        


So if this has less sugar in it than dark chocolate, are you saying milk chocolate is better for me than dark chocolate?


We are saying it puts it on a par with high-cocoa darks of 70% plus. The most healthy option is to eat cocoa beans, which we serve in our restaurants, but for the first time, we are bringing the health benefits of dark chocolate (which we have all read about) to lovers of milkier chocolates.


Are you going to make your house grade 65% from now on then?


Supermilk 65% joins our 40% and 50% house grades of milk chocolate and we will offer all three. The average cocoa content for milk chocolate in the UK is 25% so all three are way above that and offer different taste experiences.               


What do you mean by empty calories?


Sugar provides no nutritional value for its calories. In this recipe we swap sugar for nutritious cocoa.