Store Manager

Manchester is a vibrant multi cultural city attracting people who appreciate the fine things in life, and that is why they like to shop at Hotel Chocolat. Our customers in Manchester love the variety of the selector range and the fact that they can choose from hundreds of different flavours that tantalise their taste buds. I love working at Hotel Chocolat because our customers are a lively, interactive bunch. Talking about chocolate, the company and our engaged ethics policies is a real pleasure. They have certainly taken the brand in to their hearts.

My Favourite Product
Mini Chocolate Dipping Adventure for Two

Our favourite Christmas product has to be the Wreath Box, inside you get a little taste of all Christmassy flavours, sure to delight everyone! The cookie wreath has so many different textures and flavours, and the snowflakes are so pretty! It's a fab box to share with the whole family!
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