London - Stratford

Store Manager

Over the past few years Stratford really expanded and been revitalised by the most successful Olympics to date and the inclusion of Stratford City Westfield which is one of the largest shopping centres in all of Europe. Residing in the Great Eastern Market is our store which boast some unique gift ideas, a little something to nibble for yourself or perhaps you would like to try our speed tasting venture if you are new to Hotel Chocolat.

My Favourite Product
Classic Cabinet

My favourite is the Classic Cabinet presented in an amazing box with a draw almost like a Jewel box. This product makes you want to dive in to unveil and experience these amazing 57 chocolates. There is a chocolate for everyone without fail with its mixture of all our top selling recipes from high cocoa dark to fruit and tipples. It makes an excellent center piece for entertainment or a special gift with a touch of luxury.
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