Glasgow Store Manager

Store Manager

I joined the company in 2013 as the Store Manager for the first ever store in Glasgow. Every day I arrive at work I am fortunate to work with fun people and amazing products and each day is completely different. The people of Glasgow have embraced Hotel Chocolat with open arms and we have many regular customers from all over the region and many students from abroad who return to us term after term. The best part of the job is being able to have a good 'banter' with the customers, many who are as enthusiastic about chocolate as we are!
I really love the variety of my work and being able to try chocolates that are original and authentic. It is exciting to learn about our engaged ethics work and have a deep insight into where our beans originate from and the journey they make before they arrive on our shop floor. As the team in Glasgow will tell you I love all our chocolates and am a massive fan of our wine and cocoa gin. I drink my gin with Fever Tree tonic water and some lime with ice

My Favourite Product
Custard Tart Selector

My favourite chocolate is the custard tart, which I first tried on my interview for Hotel Chocolat. It actually reminds me of the cakes my nan used to make me when I was a child!
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