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Situated in the affluent area of Frederiksberg, full of reputed Danish chocolate brands, our cosy little shop in the Frederiksberg Center still stands out with its genuinely enthusiastic team and their wholehearted interest in the makings of quality chocolates – not to mention its inevitable consumption. Our store is situated conveniently on top of the Metro Station, so come by and have a taste of our chocolate on offer; learn about the exquisite Rabot Range with its unique flavours from all around the world or just have an amiable chat with the talkative staff. Chocolate makes us happy and we would love a chance to pass on the cheer.


My Favouite Product
A New Way of Cooking with Chocolate

As a person of practical mindset the idea that you can use cacao for nearly anything from porridge to pot stews is a fascinating and enticing concept. This book joyously ventures out of the traditional dessert zone to explore stupendous salads, magnificent meats and delicious drinks, all including the wonderfully versatile Theobroma Cacao, the cocoa that most have been taught is only used in the making of sweets. Drawing suitable inspiration from the Caribbean cuisine crafted around Hotel Chocolat’s Saint Lucian plantation, this book made a siren’s song to me to get a hand in all the riveting recipes made specifically to use cacao as a spice and improvement in dishes rather than just a sweet treat. Although, admittedly, I am a sucker for the White Chocolate, Lemon and Passion Fruit Tart on page 188.
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