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Hotel Chocolat is a British cocoa grower and luxury chocolatier, with three guiding principles: authenticity, originality and ethics. We’re one of the world’s few chocolatiers who actually grow and harvest their own cocoa beans, on our Rabot Estate cocoa plantation on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. We’re committed to ethical farming and occupy a unique space, able to link all aspects of chocolate from the tree to the consumer in amazingly inventive ways.Hotel Chocolat in Canterbury has an attractive shop front and the building has been a beautiful part of Canterbury since 1757. We have an immaculate interior where you will find luxurious treats for yourself or for friends and loved ones. Our friendly team are knowledgeable about our products and always happy to help you find just the right purchase.

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Tasting Club 6 Month Subscription

In the centre of Canterbury you have your very own Hotel Chocolat store. This glamorous location holds a secret. It holds Subscriptions to months of chocolate delivered straight to your door. The team here have other little secrets that we would love to share with you… be it a 6 month or 12 month subscription? Or one of our latest collections we can WOW you with? It is one of those little secrets we will only want to share with you. Do you have a secret of your own? Is this subscription for yourself? We will be sure to keep that between ourselves as this delicious secret can be just between you and us. Come along and be 100% happy that you will recommend our store to your loved ones.
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