Silvey Webber

Store Manager

With a chocolate heritage stretching back to 1847 as the home of the famous ‘Fry’s’ factory and the first chocolate bar, Hotel Chocolat is proudly carrying on the tradition of great British chocolate. We are here to deliver our unique chocolate, from a British chocolatier and cocoa grower, to the connoisseurs of the Bristol public. The home of some of histories’ greats, including Brunel’s Clifton Suspension Bridge, Banksy, Aardman Animations, and now the fantastically structured Cabot Circus shopping centre. It really is the ideal place to come and enjoy some chocolate luxury!

My Favourite Product
The Dipping Adventure

Perfect for four people, the classic dipping adventure is a great way to bring together family (or friends) over their love of chocolate.

The dipping bits bundled with the box are also to be tried on their own, the chocolate malt balls being a highlight. Don't limit yourself to what is in the box though. Bring different types of fruit to the party to mix things up. Feeling stuffed has never been more worth it!

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