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Store Manager

Visit Hotel Chocolat at Bluewater and you can experience a great range of Chocolat from different parts of the world, if it’s a gift you’re looking for or a little treat for yourself we have the answer. Our knowledgeable staff with their passion for quality will ensure you find just what you're looking for, pop in and sample some of the world’s best Chocolat.

My Favourite Product
Yule Log

We absolutely love the Yule Log this year. It’s a completely new product in the Christmas range but not to be overlooked in our eyes. The 50% milk chocolate praline makes it melt in your mouth and the hazelnuts and crisped rice add some bite. It slices easily and serves 14 people so great to share with the family or just to indulge your chocolate cravings when you fancy another piece. We love the fact that HC brought a real elm branch in, put it through a 3D scanner and made our festive buche, it’s delicious and makes a great centrepiece too!
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