Choosing the best chocolate selection box to give as a gift

27 Sep 2021


A chocolate selection box makes a great gift. But which one will your recipient love most?

So, you’ve decided to give the gift of chocolate. Good choice! Luxurious, high-quality chocolate is the perfect pick-me-up present. Plus, it’s suitable for almost every recipient and occasion. This being said, you still have a lot of options when it comes to choosing your gift. From chocolate hampers and cabinets to smaller bags and slabs, a wide range of cocoa delights awaits! To make things a little easier, we’re here to give some advice. Read on for our guide on choosing the best chocolate selection box for each recipient and occasion.

Chocolate selection box through a phone camera

The perfect chocolate selection box? Start with who will be receiving it…

Whether you’re shopping for your wife, boyfriend, parents, colleagues, or just your best friend, it’s important to choose the right box for them. Of course, the best box will be the one that suits their chocolate tastes, so if you have some insider information about this, use it! 

If they love white chocolate, choose a box centred around light, creamy treats. Do they simply adore milk chocolate? Give them a rounded selection featuring 40% cocoa and exciting fillings. And if they prefer the dark side? You know what to do…

If you’re not sure what their preferences are, we recommend some of the following options:


If you’re shopping for your wife, girlfriend, or partner, see our Gifts for Her collection. Here you’ll find a selection of goodies she’s sure to adore.

Our Everything Sleekster Luxe has something to satisfy every chocolate craving, while our Tipsy Alcoholic Truffles have a wonderfully boozy kick! We recommend opting for a wide range so she can pick and choose her favourite bites.

Need the perfect box of chocolates for your husband or boyfriend? See our Gifts for Him for a carefully curated selection of options. If you’re looking for something a little more interesting than plain milk chocolates, take a peek at our Seasonal Sleekster, Patisserie Luxe, and Marzipan Chocolate Box.

Show your partner how much you care with a romantic chocolate selection box


If you’re hunting for an all-out gift to shower your mum with love and affection, we have just the thing — our Classic Cabinet. This is a collection of 59 chocolates and biscuits in milk, white and dark chocolate.

A collection this glorious is guaranteed to make her heart melt. Plus, she’ll love whipping it out to offer her friends a nibble when they pop over for coffee.


Dads deserve some chocolate yumminess too, especially on Father’s Day! In our experience, some dads tend to know exactly which chocolates they like and which they don’t. If your old man has strong preferences, don’t fear. You’ll find the perfect chocolate box in our Gifts for Dad collection.

Whether he prefers chocolate and ginger, dark chocolate and mint truffles, or something seriously dark, we’ll have the ideal gift for him. Do some digging and find out his tastes, then browse our entire chocolate box category and filter for his preferences.

Work colleagues

Is your best work pal starting a new job? Are they celebrating a special event in their life? Whatever the occasion, show your support and appreciation.

Looking for a small token of your friendship? After all, you wouldn’t want to show up everyone else in the office… Well, our Treat Yourself Collection might be spot on. This is a selection of chocolates with our popular pampering gifts: Wonder Balm and Smile Reviver. They’ll feel truly cared for!

Colleagues exchanging Christmas gifts


As they say, friends are the family that we choose ourselves. So whether your mate is celebrating a birthday, an engagement, or a promotion at work, show them your support with a fabulous array of high-cocoa, ethical chocolates. Our Chocolatier’s Table is filled with some of our best creations, including our batons, macarons, and chocolate bites.

Are they vegan or dairy-free? Our Vegan Sleekster is a great no-milk collection of premium chocolates.

And the occasion? Every event is an opportunity for chocolate…

At Hotel Chocolat, we understand that each celebration (or commiseration) calls for something a little different. As well as shopping by recipient, you can also browse by occasion. Take a look at our birthday, anniversary, and get well soon gift ideas.


There’s nothing better than a birthday celebration. Which of our chocolate boxes is a fantastic choice for taking along to a party? Our Happy Birthday Chocolates, of course. This treasure-trove contains eight of our most-loved chocolates wrapped in a sleek gift box — delightful!


Whether you’re marking one year or ten, anniversaries should be celebrated! Surprise your partner with a chocolate selection that shows just how much you love them. We think our Signature Cabinet is so wonderful as an anniversary gift, it’s as if we made it for this purpose. Tuck into this whopping 147-piece collection together and stretch the celebrations out over the weeks ahead.

If you think you might be better off with something a little more understated, browse our other anniversary gifts. You might even want to check out our bountiful hampers, cocoa-infused alcohol, and chocolate experiences.

Get well soon

If you know someone who is feeling a little under the weather, the perfect way to turn their frown upside down and bring some joy to their day is to give the gift of chocolate. Our Mini Chocolate Box is the ideal size for popping in the post or taking round to their house as a pick-me-up.

Chocolate selection box wrapped in gold paper

Add the finishing touch to your chocolate selection box

Found a chocolate selection box your recipient will adore? To really make it special, why not present it in an elegant gift bag and add a personalised message card? Just write your note and select a gift bag during checkout and we’ll add the finishing touches. With their sophisticated ribbons, our sleek concierge boxes mean your chocolates are ready to gift with no need to wrap.

We also have free gift sleeves perfectly designed to fit our Sleeksters and H-Boxes. From ‘Congratulations’ to ‘Simply thanks’, you can get your message across in a stylish way.