How to put a Father’s Day gift hamper together

2 Jun 2023

Father's Day

A hamper brimming with his favourite chocolates makes the ideal show of affection this Father’s Day

With Father’s Day fast approaching this June, how will you say thank you to the father figure in your life? DIY and personalised or ready to gift — a Father’s Day Hamper is the perfect way to show your love.

Grandfather and grandson looking at an iPad

What do you put in a Father’s Day hamper?

A Father’s Day hamper is a great gift for dads, grandads, guardians, and other father figures in your life. Both chocolate and dads have always been considered special, so it makes sense that they go well together. On top of this, parents deserve a little rest and what better way to relax than with some luxurious chocolate?

Whatever you decide to put inside your Father’s Day hamper, your dad is sure to love it. Not just because we produce chocolates to suit every taste, but he will see the care and thought behind each choice you made.

Start with his favourite flavours

So now the pressure is off, where to begin? The best Father’s Day hampers are those that match your dad’s preferences, and you can keep things really simple. Does he like milk, dark or white chocolate? Does he like chocolate with nuts or alcohol? Once you have the answers, you can then fill the hamper with chocolates that fit those flavour profiles. We even have the Unbelievably Vegan* Collection, for our plant-based dads.

*Please note: we believe our dark and Nutmilk chocolate is suitable for vegans. However, as it is made in the same environment as our milk chocolate we cannot guarantee it is free from milk.

Add some variety

You can always mix and match if your dad prefers several types of chocolate. If he likes both milk chocolate and caramel, then the hamper could include the Milk to Caramel Sleekster along with other chocolates belonging to those groups.

Go for a theme

Alternatively, you could build a hamper around a theme. For example, lots of parents enjoy their gadgets. If this sounds like your dad, The Velvetiser Mixologist Hamper is the ultimate in hot chocolate indulgence (not to mention it comes already packed in a hamper). Think of all the hours he could spend exploring barista-grade hot chocolates and lattes from the comfort of his very own at-home hot chocolate station.

Add a tipple

Although we’re obviously well-known for our chocolates, we also have a range of cacao-inspired drinks to mark the celebration — both soft and featuring alcohol. You could create a beverage hamper composed of Cocoa Beer, Vintage Red Wine – Chateau Chocolat and Dark with Mint Hot Chocolate Sachets.

A little bit of everything

If you still can’t decide which chocolate treats to choose, you can always simply spoil your dad rotten and give him everything. The Taste: Everything Luxe Collection has (as the name suggests) a little bit of all the chocolate treats he loves.

Hotel Chocolat Everything Luxe Collection hamper

Presenting your Father’s Day hamper

Traditionally a hamper is presented in a wicker basket, and this is a charming way to display our chocolates. However, there’s no need to buy anything special. After all, it’s what’s inside the hamper that counts.

You could upcycle a cardboard box with paints or wrapping paper. The special homemade quality saves money and is environmentally friendly. Don’t worry if you’re not great at crafts, your dad will be reminded of all your childhood art projects. Plus, there are still our premier chocolates inside.

If you want more unusual options, then consider using something related to your dad’s hobbies or interests as a hamper. For example, if he enjoys DIY, then a toolbox could be a great quirky hamper. Likewise, if he prefers camping, put all the chocolates inside a dry bag for his next adventure. And if your dad’s an avid gardener, why not fill a watering can with chocolate delights? It might seem strange, but it will bring a broad smile to his face.

For those who want to take a completely bespoke approach to your Father’s Day hamper, take a look at our  Gift Creator option. You can choose different sizes of boxes or bags and then select the Hotel Chocolat delights your dad loves most. 

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How do you make a Father’s Day special on a budget?

Love isn’t measured in money, and you can create a caring, thoughtful gift for Father’s Day on a budget. For under £20, the Father’s Day H-Box is perfect. It contains 14 iconic chocolate recipes from across our collection. 

You can also put together a few bags of our affordable Chocolate Selectors, which cover a wide range of our recipes. Match your selection with your dad’s tastes and personality. If he likes fruity chocolate then try our Raspberry Smoothie Chocolates Selector. Or if he likes a tipple then the Liquor Collection No.1 Selector could be the perfect choice.

And if your dad is the type of man who likes to be in charge, then a £5 gift card is a great idea. He can then treat himself to the chocolate of his choice. Plus, he can redeem it online or in-store at his local Hotel Chocolat shop for ultimate convenience.

Ready to gift Father’s Day chocolate hampers

Sometimes you just can’t put together your own chocolate hamper. Perhaps you’re overwhelmed by our vast selection of chocolate products. Maybe time has run away with you and you’re up against the clock. And sometimes life simply gets in the way. 

No need to panic! We have a range of ready-to-gift chocolate hampers, each with a distinct theme making it easy to choose the right one for your dad.

  • The Classic Cabinet is the ultimate fail-safe chocolate hamper for Father’s Day. This two-tier box showcases our most celebrated recipes, with 61 filled and solid chocolates in milk, white and dark. Whatever his tastes, this hamper has it covered — from pralines and caramels to fruit truffles and tipples. The Classic Cabinet is a great gift for that special dad.
  • The Father’s Day Sleekster is ideal for dads who have broad tastes or are somewhat indecisive. Just like their children, they may not have a favourite but they’ll love every chocolate in this collection. Each box contains 27 utterly irresistible chocolates specially selected by our chocolatiers. The collection includes a wide range of our most popular recipes, so your dad will definitely enjoy this thoughtful gift.
  • For many people, no event can be celebrated without some sparkling wine. Our Tipples & Treats: Chocolate & Fizz Collection is the perfect way to toast your special relationship. Enjoy a glass of our Prosecco Superiore DOCG with Pink Champagne Truffles, macarons, shortbread and chocolates. When the fizz has gone, your dad can put his feet up and relax with a comforting cup of drinking chocolate.
  • For the chilled dads, our Mellow Curated Collection could be the ideal choice. This collection contains creamy yet deeply complex chocolates. All the recipes are milk, white and caramel-milk, with no dark chocolate or alcohol. There are also some Exuberantly Fruity chocolates, if you want to lovingly suggest they’re a little eccentric.
  • If you prefer to share a special moment with your father, then we recommend the Mini Chocolate Dipping Adventure for Two. Reminiscence about childhood holidays and make new memories, as you dunk biscuits and nuts into irresistible milk and white chocolate pots.
Dad and daughter with a 'Happy Father's Day' card

Father’s Day chocolate from Hotel Chocolat

However you want to say thank you for the father figure in your life, we have the chocolates to create the perfect hamper for him. But whatever you choose, remember nothing is more important than spending time together (while nibbling on a chocolate or two).

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