How do you make a chocolate bouquet?

26 May 2020

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A chocolate bouquet is a fun twist on your ordinary flower bouquet – after all, who doesn’t love receiving a chocolate gift?

A chocolate gift may seem like a bit of a predictable present to give. Although we would never complain if we unwrapped a box and found an assortment of white, milk and dark chocolates, you might want to think outside of the box – or should we say, chocolate box – to give a chocolate gift worth remembering.

A chocolate bouquet is a great alternative to a classic chocolate gift. A fun twist on a typical flower arrangement, a chocolate bouquet is sure to surprise anyone who receives it. We take a look at how to make the perfect chocolate bouquet, so you can give that special person a chocolate gift that they’ll struggle to forget.

What is a chocolate bouquet?

A chocolate bouquet might sound a bit unusual, but it is actually a simple, yet effective concept: bars of chocolate are arranged to imitate a bouquet of flowers. A chocolate bouquet is the perfect present to gift if you’re not sure exactly what to get someone: you can fill it with an array of chocolate treats, so you’re guaranteed to hit the spot.

This doesn’t mean that a chocolate bouquet can’t be a romantic gift – in fact, as chocoholics ourselves, we think it’s one of the most romantic presents to receive! Not only does it show you’ve thought long and hard about their personal preferences, but it also demonstrates that you’ve taken the time to arrange them in a way that looks beautiful.

How do you build a chocolate bouquet?

Luckily, you don’t need to be a DIY whizz or a dab hand at creative arts: making your own chocolate bouquet is extremely easy. All you need is a box or a gift bag, a polystyrene block, wooden skewers, sellotape, tissue paper, ribbon, and of course, chocolate!

Begin by placing your polystyrene block into your box or bag. Layer tissue paper over it, filling up any gaps to make sure your box or bag looks attractive. Then sellotape your chocolate (make sure it’s in packaging) to a wooden skewer and stick it into the block through the tissue paper – repeat for the rest of your chocolate.

For more of a bouquet effect, stick the front skewers in further than the skewers you place in at the back to achieve a staggered effect. Once you’ve added all your chocolate, feel free to put more tissue paper around the skewers if you think it needs a bit more decoration. Tie your ribbon around the box or bag and your chocolate bouquet is ready to go!

What do I put in my chocolate bouquet?

What you fill your chocolate bouquet with all depends on the personal preferences of your loved one; make it special to what they like. You may want to consider the shape and the weight of the chocolate you’re planning to stick into your chocolate bouquet: an incredibly solid chocolate teddy bear might cause the skewer to topple over, or a miniscule chocolate drop could look lonely on the end of the wooden stick.

We’ve taken a look at some of the best chocolate products that you can use in your chocolate bouquet.

dark chocolate on dark background
dark chocolate on dark background

Dark chocolate

If your loved ones prefers the darker side of chocolate, we’ve got a huge selection of dark chocolate products to choose from. Our Dark Chocolate Truffles Selector offers three different flavours of dark chocolate truffles, so that they don’t have to settle for just one.

If they love a tipple with their desserts, our Marzipan & Amaretto Selector combines the sweet, mellow notes of marzipan with a warming glug of amaretto to create a chocolate which truly symbolises indulgence.

Milk chocolate

For those who like their chocolate on the more mellow side, our Wafer Praline Chocolate Crisp Selector is the ideal addition to a milk chocolate bouquet. No chocolate bouquet is complete without a chocolate bar, and our slabs are the perfect option: we’ve taken the rocky road and recreated it in the form of our Rocky Road Chocolate Slab.

To really ramp up the romance, why not include our Chocolate Foiled Hearts – each heart offers nothing but creamy, rich notes of 40% milk chocolate.

White chocolate

Although some people might argue that white chocolate isn’t real chocolate, we have to disagree – we keep the cocoa butter content high in our white chocolate to achieve an incredibly smooth texture, whilst also capturing the delicate notes of the cocoa butter itself.

If they’re a dessert-lover, then treat them to more than one with our Raspberry Pannacotta Selector: what could be better than tart raspberry and vanilla custard combined in white chocolate form? If they’re an advocate of the old school flavours, our White Fruit & Nut Slab Selector is choc-a-block with crunchy walnuts and juicy raisins to create the most luxurious fruit and nut chocolate bar.

Anything and everything

If they’re like us, and find all chocolate hard to resist, why not fill your chocolate bouquet with flavours of white, milk and dark chocolate? Our selectors are the ideal size and shape to use in your chocolate bouquet, and you can mix and match six for £20, resulting in a unique and varied chocolate tasting experience. Browse our site to create a chocolate bouquet like no other.