What coffee equipment do I need at home?

31 Mar 2022


Make barista-grade drinks at home with the perfect coffee equipment combo

To enjoy blissful, aromatic coffee at home, you’ll need some top-notch coffee equipment. However, it can be quite the brain tease trying to figure out what’s essential, what’s rather important if you’re a coffee aficionado, and what you can really do without.

As experienced coffee producers and drinkers, we want to share our ultimate coffee equipment set-up.

Home coffee station: chest of drawers with coffee equipment

Choose your coffee machine

Whether you start your day with an energising coffee or always grab one as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, it pays to have a coffee machine in the house.

The best coffee machine for you will depend on a few factors such as your taste, budget, and usability preferences.

Your main coffee maker and machine options include:

  • An espresso coffee machine
  • A coffee pod machine
  • Stove-top Moka pots
  • A drip filter coffee machine
  • Pour-over coffee makers or an AeroPress
  • A french press (also known as a cafetière)
  • A cold brew coffee maker
Stove-top Moka pot on a tray with a coffee cup

Each machine or maker results in a different cup, so it’s important to do your research. For instance, some people adore the taste of coffee made using freshly ground coffee beans from their espresso machine. There are a few differences between drip coffee machines and espresso coffee machines, Most notably, drip coffee is ideal for black filter coffee while an espresso is a strong shot akin to those made in coffee shops. Cafetières and AeroPress makers can give you a full-bodied brew, but they’re quite time-consuming and can’t make more than one or two cups at a time.

Coffee machines that use single-serve pods are increasingly popular as they deliver a top-notch barista-grade coffee at the touch of a button, with no messy grounds or measuring involved. A drawback used to be that coffee-covered aluminium pods are difficult to recycle.

However, we’ve found a way around this with our very own Podster and Podcycler…

The Podster

Our choice of coffee machine.

You’ll enjoy a fresh, barista-quality cup of coffee everyday with our Podster Coffee Machine. Simply choose from our range of delectable coffee blends (though The Podster is compatible with most other aluminium pods) and press the button. Perfectly-extracted espresso is on the way.

In just a few minutes, you’ll be sipping on an exquisitely poured coffee in your desired size. Pair with creamy milk for a heavenly cappuccino or add a dash of hot water for a neat americano. The Podster’s sleek design makes it easy on the eyes too, letting it blend into any kitchen aesthetic.

Our freshly ground coffee pods

We recommend using The Podster with our Coffee Pods. All our beautifully-balanced coffee blends come in pod form, giving you plenty of unique options for your brew.

These aluminium pods are 100% recyclable and only contain responsibly sourced coffee in line with our planet pledge. Just ensure you use our Podcycler to remove the coffee grounds before recycling.

Cashmere is ideal for a mellow cup of coffee with comforting notes of creme caramel, while Oh Hello is our most lively blend with notes of dark chocolate, peaches, and blueberry jam. The One (also available as decaf) is our timeless classic with a milk chocolate and caramel aroma. And Rocket is our turbo-charging blend with a bold opening of oak, leather and tobacco.

Our pods don’t qualify as coffee equipment, but they’re certainly a counter-top staple. Why not discover your favourite flavour with our Tasting Selection?

Hotel Chocolat mug and coffee pods

The Podcycler

Aluminium pods are great for keeping our coffee blends fresh and full of flavour. They allow perfectly-portioned coffee grounds to transform into an exquisite cup of coffee.

Even though aluminium is infinitely recyclable, it’s thought that 15 billion coffee pods go to landfill every year. Why? Because they’re packed with water-sodden coffee grounds!

To combat this problem, we teamed up with British designers Dualit. The Podcycler is our innovative solution. With The Podcycler, you can eco-press your coffee pods after use, completely removing all grounds from the capsules. The pods can then be easily recycled and the coffee grounds can be used to enrich your garden soil or compost bin.

Keep your Podcycler next to your Podster to ensure each coffee capsule is recycling-ready.

The Velvetiser

If we’re on the topic of The Podster, we have to mention our milk-perfecting Velvetiser machine. We see these two machines as the ultimate home barista setup. If you’re fond of making the smoothest, creamiest coffees, The Velvetiser has your back. Simply pour your choice of milk into the machine, wait for 2.5 minutes, and enjoy silky, cloud-like milk. You can then practise your barista skills, adding your foamed milk to your freshly made cup of coffee.

Extra coffee accessories

The extra equipment you’ll need depends on the type of coffee machine you choose.

For instance, if you choose a drip coffee machine, pour over coffee maker, or an AeroPress, you’ll need a stock of filter papers (in the correct size).

If you’re a real coffee enthusiast, you might want a measuring scale to weigh your coffee grounds. Of course, if you choose a pod coffee machine, this measuring is done for you. But you’ll need somewhere to store your pods (preferably somewhere you can see all your options). You can find some lovely coffee pod stands and storage racks online.

Those with an espresso machine that requires you to pack your own grounds will also need an espresso tamper.

Research what you’ll need for your machine and go from there.

Coffee filter paper and scales for a drip filter coffee maker

The perfect coffee cup

Last but not least, you’ll need to find some suitable coffee cups. Don’t overlook this step. It’s an underacknowledged but crucial part of your coffee equipment set up! You’ll need coffee cups or mugs that work with your machine or method of brewing.

An AeroPress can easily overflow a small coffee cup and you might struggle to fit some larger mugs under your espresso machine. On the other hand, cup size doesn’t matter too much with drip coffee machines as you’ll be pouring your own brew. Take a look at our guide to choosing the perfect mug.

We adore using our vegan-friendly (and aesthetically-pleasing) Noble Bone China mugs for our Podster coffees. They hold 270ml of liquid, making them suitable for both small and large brews. If we’re making a quick shot of espresso, you’ll find us reaching for our elegant Petite Podcups — they’re the ideal size and inspired by the shape of our cacao beans.

Good luck curating your home coffee station! Interested in our coffee journey? Learn more about our sustainable coffee and coffee origins story.