Sustainable Chocolate Choices: A Better Way, a Better You

23 Jan 2024

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Indulge in the ethical and sustainable world of chocolate with the Better Way Bar.

At Hotel Chocolat, we’ve developed a better way for chocolate lovers. We’re well aware that a single taste of chocolate can provide so much happiness — but what if we took this a step further? The Better Way Bar is our satisfying chocolate with a sustainable mission.

Today, dear guests, let’s talk a bit more about ethical chocolate — and how you can be a part of it this New Year.

What is sustainable and ethical chocolate?

If you’re searching for the legal definition, sustainable chocolate refers to chocolate that is produced in a manner that is environmentally responsible, socially equitable, and economically viable. It’s all about producing chocolate in a way that respects the people that work hard to farm cacao, and the planet that provides us with it.

Now, at Hotel Chocolat, we aim to ensure all of our chocolate is produced consciously and ethically. But what makes the Better Way Bar different?

The difference of the Better Way Bar

The Better Way Bar is our opportunity to provide you with beautifully delicious chocolate that does good and tastes good. 100% of sales from the Better Way Bar go towards funding nature-positive cacao farming.

You see, the process of growing the cacao we know and love is not often good for nature — or for the farmers who work so hard to provide it to us. With increasing pressure on farming methods and low payments for cacao, the world has seen an increase in deforestation, poor soil quality, and loss of biodiversity. And, sadly, a cycle of hardship for farming families.

At Hotel Chocolat, this is not something we can ignore — hence our Better Way. A way that’s positive for nature, and positive for farmers.

Where does the money go?

As a consumer, your first question will likely be this. Of course, we understand that it’s important for you to know where your money is going. We also like to make sure that our money is going to something inherently good for the cacao industry.

100% of Better Way Bar sales (excluding VAT) support the following gentle farming initiatives.

  • Shade tree seedlings: We supply free shade tree seedlings to farmers who are part of our gentle farming programme in Ghana. This improves productivity because we know cacao thrives in the shade of other trees. It’s better for nature, too, because planting a more diverse range of trees and plants leads to regenerative agriculture and increased biodiversity.
  • Pruning: When pruning the deadweight, cacao grows stronger. We work with farmers to provide professional hands-on help and share effective pruning practices This helps them get the best possible cacao yield and boost productivity, leading to a higher income.
  • Organic fertiliser: With our own cacao farm in Saint Lucia, we have gained knowledge through our experience of using organic fertilisers. These fertilisers help the soil retain moisture and nutrients, for effective plant and tree growth and are gentler on nature than chemical fertilisers. We are beginning to share this approach with farmers in Ghana, through organic fertiliser workshops.
'Vegan' spelled out with cranberries

A Better Way: Our journey towards nature-positive cacao farming

As loyal guests, you will be well aware that we are not new to the cacao industry. In fact, our ‘Better Way’ journey started over 20 years ago — and we now re-invest 10% of our annual profit into this.


In 2002, we started working with Green Tropics Group to support communities within the Eastern Region of Ghana. This is where we source most of our cacao, so it made sense to collaborate.


2004 is where our ‘Engaged Ethics’ approach began. It has everything to do with our ethics and sustainability initiatives as a company — named for our commitment to engaging with every aspect of our cacao supply. All the way from bean to bar.

2006 – 2020

This is the exciting period when we purchased our Saint Lucian cacao farm. It’s all well and good receiving the cacao yield and making wonderful chocolate products and gifts out of it. But what’s the good in that if we haven’t put hard work into it ourselves?

At our cacao farm, we practised, learned, and discovered how to evolve our gentle farming methods. We did this by integrating them into accountable, actionable solutions that can be taught to future cacao farmers and the generations to come.

These initiatives continue in Saint Lucia and Ghana to this day. Leading on to…


After perfecting our processes in Saint Lucia, we launched our gentle farming initiatives in Ghana. Here, we worked with 2,500 farmers to spread the knowledge and education that we had learned.


To follow the trend, 2022 saw a year of continuous growth in Ghana. To name a few things we accomplished:

  • We set up a 300-strong workforce to provide on-farm pruning support and labour.
  • We distributed nearly 500,000 free shade seedlings in optimum growing conditions across 1,300 acres of farmland.
  • We introduced a premium payment for cacao grown using gentle farming practices.

Present day

This year, we are so proud of the Better Way Bar launch and everything it stands for. It just goes to show that there is a better way for chocolate. And it’s one that’s positive for everyone involved.

Raspberries and dusted truffles on a dark background.

The Better Way Bar collection

Many people see the New Year as an opportunity to start fresh and adopt healthier habits — and this is something we can get behind.

Choosing ethical and sustainable chocolate products aligns with this mindset, and by supporting sustainable cacao farming practices, you can be part of a broader commitment to healthier living — both for yourself and the planet.

Milk Chocolate & Praline

Our Milk Chocolate & Praline Better Way Bar is made with 50% milk chocolate, combined with satisfying smooth hazelnut chocolate praline. Enhanced by pops of crispy biscuit and tart cherry pieces, it’s a unique taste-texture experience that you cannot miss out on.

Dark Chocolate & Praline

We can’t forget about our dark chocolate lovers among you, so we have our Dark Chocolate & Praline Better Way Bar. Beneath an outer layer of smooth dark chocolate, you’ll find the same delicious flavours as our milk chocolate Better Way Bar. This time, it’s on the darker side.

The Better Way Bar Gift Collection

If you fancy trying the best of both worlds, this gift pack of Better Way Bars contains two Milk and two Dark Better Way Bars.

The vibrant design for these ethical chocolate bars’ wrappers were inspired by a mural that local artist, Naja Simeon, hand-painted for us at our Saint Lucian cacao farm, Rabot Estate.

It depicts life at a thriving cacao farm, making it the perfect choice to illustrate the Better Way Bar. You can even recycle them by taking them to your local supermarket.

Choose a Better Way this New Year

If you’re looking to try something new this New Year, we invite you to join us on our Better Way mission.

With 100% of the proceeds from sales (along with 10% of our annual profits) going straight back into funding gentle farming initiatives, try the Better Way Bar today — online or in-store.