Find the perfect chocolate subscription for you

14 Jan 2021

Chocolate Knowledge

If you’re anything like us, you can never go long without indulging in a bit of chocolate. What’s more, the thought of running out of the stuff fills you with dread. Luckily, we offer Chocolate Subscription boxes that can ensure that you’re never short of luxury cocoa goodness. Luxury chocolates straight to your door? That’s an essential service for any chocolate lover. 

We can’t think of a better way to treat yourself than signing up for a monthly chocolate box or bundle. With our variety of options, you can find one to delight anyone’s taste buds. Whether you want a steady supply of your failsafe chocolatey faves or want to discover something new every single month, we’ve got an option that you’ll love.

What is a chocolate subscription?

Just like a magazine subscription, a chocolate subscription is an arrangement which delivers chocolate to you on a regular basis. With our subscriptions, you can choose to get your chocolate box through the door every month, two months or three months. Or you can go for our unique and luxurious Rabot Coterie membership, where you’ll get a fabulous box every year and a multitude of extra benefits. Whatever your chocolate cravings, we’ve got the perfect chocolate subscription box for you.

The best part? All our subscriptions come with free standard delivery, so you’ll even save money. A savvy choice for your taste buds and your bank account.

The Monthly Curated Collection

Monthly curated collection chocolate subscription

Our Monthly Curated Collection chocolate subscriptions give you the chance to receive an exciting new collection of your favourite genre of chocolate each month. You can choose between the High Cocoa Collection, the Everything Curated Collection, the Mellow Collection, and the Tipsy Collection.

Intense dark chocolate always takes centre stage in the High Cocoa Curated Collection. We also sneak in some Supermilk treats as well so you can enjoy the revolutionary cocoa-rich creaminess. It’s a fabulous choice for high-cocoa fans and dark chocolate purists who want a frequent hit of deliciously dark choc.

If you fancy a regular dose of alcohol-infused chocolate fun, choose the Tipsy Curated Collection. From Champagne Truffles to Rum Soaked Sultanas, each month you’ll get to sample a variety of creations which feature a generous splash of premium alcohol.

Bursting with soothing milk chocolate, white chocolate, and caramel, the Mellow Curated Collection is perfect for anyone who likes their chocolate creamy and comforting. It’s a monthly hug in chocolate form.

If, like us, you think all of the above choices sound pretty fantastic then you may like to go for the Everything Curated Collection. Featuring goodies from every genre, this collection will let you try the best of all chocolatey worlds with each delivery. We can’t think of a better way to mark each month.

The Velvetiser Refill Subscription

Hot chocolate velvetiser and hot chocolate

Our hot chocolate machine – the Velvetiser – is a wonderful one-off purchase. However, the hot chocolate it produces is so good that you’ll probably end up getting through the sachets fairly quickly! Avoid this terrible fate by signing up for a Velvetiser Refill Subscription to make sure you never run out. To do this, simply choose your favourite hot chocolate variety, tell us how many boxes you’ll need, and we’ll deliver them every month, leaving you to enjoy another mug safe in the knowledge that you’ll be getting some more soon.

Which hot chocolate flavour?

If you like a classic hot chocolate, a refill subscription to our Milky 50% Hot Chocolate or our Classic 70% Dark Hot Chocolate would be perfect. Creamy and comforting, we’ve been using our Milky Hot Chocolate in our cafés for years, making it ideal for anyone who wants to recreate a café experience at home (and impress any friends who drop by). If you’d prefer a classic flavour with a darker edge, go for the 70% Dark Chocolate option.

If you want to go a step further and have a little added heat, you may like to subscribe to our Chilli Dark Hot Chocolate refill. Made with intense 70% dark chocolate and a touch of tingling Habanero chilli, this is perfect for anyone who doesn’t like their chocolate too sweet. This variety is also dairy-free, making it the perfect treat for any vegan or lactose intolerant chocolate-lovers.

For those who like their hot cocoa a little lighter, our Vanilla-White Hot Chocolate subscription will tickle their taste buds. Made with luxurious 36% cocoa-butter white chocolate and a touch of Madagascan vanilla, this hot chocolate provides the perfect level of comforting mellowness and indulgent sweetness.

However, our favourite hot chocolate subscription is our Everything Hot Chocolate Selection, which includes ten mouth-watering varieties, giving you plenty of options. From our comforting Salted Caramel to our refreshing Mint, this collection will ensure that you’re ready to satisfy any hot choc cravings the moment you get them.

The Sleekster Subscription

Hotel chocolat sleekster chocolate subscription box

Our Sleekster Boxes are loved by many of you, and with good reason. Each Sleekster features twenty-seven or more of our most iconic chocolates and they come in seven tempting varieties. Choose from the Patisserie Sleekster, the Fruity Chocolate Sleekster, the Milk to Caramel Sleekster, the Tipsy Truffles Sleekster, the Dark Chocolate Sleekster, the Everything Sleekster, and the Vegan Sleekster. There really is one for everybody!

Treat yourself to a Sleekster Subscription and you’ll get the joy of having your favourite Sleekster Box delivered every month, two months, or three months. We recommend the monthly option so you’ll never have to wait too long for your next box of happiness.  

The Inventing Room

Our most adventurous subscription option is the Inventing Room subscription. This is a limited-member service which allows you to get your hands on brand new chocolate creations before anyone else. Get the very first taste of our latest inventions before we’ve even given them a name! From truffles to biscuits to batons, you’ll get the very first taste. But it doesn’t end there. You’ll also help to shape our future collections by giving us highly-valued feedback that will help determine which new goodies make it to our shelves.

Members will receive exclusive access to video footage from our chocolate workshop and to digital Inventing Room events. This subscription is ideal for anyone interested in the world of chocolate and how it works. 

Rabot Coterie

Rabot Coterie annual chocolate subscription box

Unlike our other subscriptions, our Rabot Coterie subscription is annual. Every year, you’ll get a generous box bursting with Caribbean island-inspired goodies. This includes high-cocoa chocolate made with the rare cocoa found on our Rabot Estate in Saint Lucia. But that’s not all! Indulge yourself in Cocoa Granola Biscuits, Chocolate Macarons, Enrobed Mangoes and more. In addition, we’ll plant a tree in your name on our Rabot Estate and donate £10 to our Engaged Ethics programme. We’ll also treat you like a VIP! You’ll get a discount on our Rabot Coterie beauty range, and a complimentary cocktail every time you visit our restaurant in Borough Market. We recommend going for the Cocoa Gin Martini… 

It’s a great way to treat yourself or a wonderful present for that special someone. Either way, the Rabot Coterie chocolate subscription is truly one of a kind. 

Is a chocolate subscription worth it?

If you love good chocolate, we believe that a subscription is 100% worth it. Nothing beats the excitement of having a present through the post – especially when that present contains chocolate! A chocolate subscription is the perfect way of practising a little self-care. By treating yourself in this way, you’ll always have something to look forward to and you’ll even save money!

No matter how dreary your month is, a chocolate box is guaranteed to make it sweeter so go on. We know you deserve it…