Ode to a cocktail: Our new cocktail-themed chocolate Selectors

12 May 2024

Alcohol Celebrations

Celebrate World Cocktail Day the only way we know how — with a tantalising range of cocktail-themed alcoholic chocolates and truffles. From gin and rum to Chambord and champagne, immerse yourself in the liqueur chocolates on offer at Hotel Chocolat.

Whether you’re a cocktail lover or a mocktail lover, World Cocktail Day is here to celebrate every flavour preference and desire possible. As our fellow guests will know, we believe chocolate can enhance almost every (if not any) celebration. And World Cocktail Day is no exception. 

To mark this spectacular day, our chocolatiers have been working hard behind the doors of our Inventing Room. After extensive research, deliberation, and taste testing, we’re proud to announce the three new tipsy Selectors. Can you guess what they are?

When is World Cocktail Day?

On the 13th of May every year, the world comes together to celebrate the wonderful concoction that is a cocktail. With thousands of flavour combinations to choose from, it’s no surprise that cocktails have their own day for celebration.

World Cocktail Day came to fruition in 1806 due to a published piece in ‘The Balance and Columbian Repository’, where the term was first coined. At this point, a cocktail was defined as ‘a stimulating liqueur with a wide variety of sweets, waters, and bitters’. As time has progressed, more and more people offer their own nod to World Cocktail Day by hosting cocktail parties, trying out new drinks recipes, or enrolling on a mixology masterclass.

With all this in mind, celebrate World Cocktail Day this year with our newest selection of alcoholic chocolates: three best-loved cocktails, reimagined in the form of a tipsy truffle.

cocktails with fruit and alcohol

French 75 Selector

Curated lovingly by our Senior Chocolatier and ‘Cocktail Queen’ Kiri, the French 75 Selector offers a punchy hit of vibrant lemon, muddled with glugs of real champagne and gin. A true, citrussy homage to the classic French 75 cocktail.

The French 75 Selector spent many days and weeks being developed in our Inventing Room, just waiting until we struck the perfect balance of flavour and palate feel. Hotel Chocolat loyalists will already know that we’re dedicated to using only the finest ingredients in our chocolates. After all, it’s what makes our tipsy and fruity chocolates so satisfying.

You see, most champagne truffles are made with Marc de Champagne — derived from grape skin and stalks — but ours? Well, you’ll only find real Mercier Champagne beneath this Selector’s crisp cacao shell.

French 75 Cocktail Chocolate Selector

Kir Royale Selector

Royale for a reason. Introducing our latest Selector curation, the ‘Kir Royale’ Selector — a true homage to the sophisticated cocktail. Crafted with precision by our expert chocolatiers, this decadent treat boasts a core of real Mercier Champagne and Crème de Cassis, enveloped in a velvety dark chocolate shell.

This blackcurrant chocolate truffle features a sumptuous blend of tangy blackcurrant juice and real whipping cream. Together, they deliver an authentic fruity zing that pairs perfectly with the opulence of real champagne. Wrapped in 70% dark chocolate, each truffle offers a bold burst of juicy blackcurrant, concluded with a gentle, warming finish.

Unlike ordinary chocolate truffles that might use synthetic flavourings, our Kir Royale truffles are crafted from naturally sourced ingredients, including a purple-hued cacao shell that celebrates the vibrant spirit of the classic cocktail without the use of artificial colours.

Kir Royale Cocktail Chocolate Selector

Dark and Stormy Selector

Ready to escape to the tropics for World Cocktail Day? Look and taste no further than our new ‘Dark and Stormy’ Selector. Experience a dashing blend of exotic flavours, curated to transport your senses straight to the Caribbean. Immerse yourself into the tempest of punchy dark rum, invigorating ginger, and zesty lime — seamlessly fused within a luxurious 70% Dark Chocolate shell.

Start your flavour journey with an intense hit of lime, followed by the warm, spicy tingle of natural ginger, and draw the experience to a close with a warming hint of premium, cask-aged dark rum. These elements are further complemented by our signature Dark Chocolate, chosen for its deep, brooding cacao notes that stand up to the bold flavours of rum and spices.

At Hotel Chocolat, we champion authenticity and quality above all else, which is why our rum chocolates are made using only the finest natural ingredients and premium spirits. We love how the molasses-rich dark rum infuses our truffles with complex flavours of toffee, brown butter, and cinnamon. It serves to enhance the chocolate’s intense character. 

Dark and Stormy Cocktail Chocolate Selector for World Cocktail Day

Celebrate World Cocktail Day in style

We invite you to celebrate World Cocktail Day by trying our new tipsy chocolate releases. Each offers its own distinctive flavour, personality, and experience. 

Will you opt for the smoky aftertaste of Dark and Stormy? Or will you go classy with hints of real champagne in our Kir Royale and French 75 Selector? Order our new cocktail Selectors online now, or find them in your local Hotel Chocolat shop from the 26th of May.

No matter how you celebrate, we have a range of liqueur chocolates and champagne truffles to satisfy the palate. Opting for an intimate cocktail party or simply sharing a chocolate box between you and a loved one? Make it a memorable experience with the assistance of Hotel Chocolat.