Our Story

our story

Welcome to The Tasting Club...

We founded our Tasting Club with just one aim in mind – to thrill our Club members with exciting chocolates. And that is exactly what we have been doing, for over 14 years now! As you can imagine, keeping 100,000 chocolate-loving Tasting Club members satisfied with a different selection every month equals a great deal of chocolate recipes to create.

The question is… how do we do it? The answer lies in the format of the Club itself – whereby we create a different selection of chocolates every month and our members tell us if they’d like to receive it. Every box they do receive contains a scorecard and we invite them to let us know what they thought of each chocolate (there’s an online version too). Those scores and comments in turn guide us in the creation of new recipes, although we’ll always seek to challenge with some more ‘Off the Wall’ ideas too. We call it Chocolate Democracy.

Try something new...

Back when we founded The Chocolate Tasting Club in 1998, we started with just one tasting selection, the Classic. Offering a balanced array of milk, dark and white chocolates, it was the perfect place to start the Club and it is still our most popular box.

However, after a few years it became clear that amongst our membership we had quite a few dark chocolate lovers… and so it was time to do something especially for them – and the Dark Selection was created in 2006.

With the results of a member survey in 2007 giving us a clear message, the Club evolved once more to give members exactly what they wanted – this time it was an alcohol-free selection that became Elements, concentrating on solid chocolate and simple filled recipes. Last year, our infamous Fortified Selection of boozy recipes moved from being annual to being quarterly and we also introduced the new Purist Selection too – showcasing fine and rare cocoa from around the world.

And finally, in 2012 we have just seen the launch of our latest delicious creation, the All Milk Selection – in response to our members’ wishes once again. It’s a collection utterly devoted to dreamy milk chocolate and promises to be an extremely popular one!

So, as you can see, no matter what sort of chocolate lover you are, you’re sure to find your perfect chocolate partner amongst our Magnificent Six – and there’s never been a better time to do it!