Julia Ball
Store Manager

We would like to welcome you to our chocolate oasis on Fore Street, Taunton and enter a world of chocolate decadence! Our friendly, knowledgeable staff are here to enlighten you into the subtleties and delights of chocolate. Come and enjoy a variety of cocoa flavours and make new chocolate discoveries for yourself!

My Favourite Product
Large Chocolate Dipping Adventure

Our Large Chocolate Dipping Adventure is wonderfully adaptable, whether it is enjoyed as an alternative dinner party dessert, a delicious element of a girl’s night or as an intimate part of a romantic night in for two! It comprises of four sumptuous chocolate melting pots and several exciting ‘dippers’ including Cocoa dusted Brazil nuts, crunchy Florentines, fluffy Marshmallows, and our ever popular Gianduja Bombes and, to add an interesting dimension, Sesame and Sea Salt Wafers and breadsticks, to introduce the nuances of sweet and savoury combined. Simply enjoy!
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