Store Manager

The team here in Reading are serious chocolate fans and will be only too happy to share their passion for the range. Whether you've fallen for the Mississippi Mud Pie Slab or a rare cocoa from our Engaged Ethics program in St Lucia, we’d love to talk chocolate with you. Also, with our hotel, restaurant and spa open at our Rabot Estate cocoa plantation, there is always something new to talk about – and with chocolate tastings a-go-go you are sure to discover something new on each visit.

My Favourite Product
Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

We’ve all got our favourites here in Reading store, but the Chocolate Spread has a special place in our hearts (and tummies). When it comes to chocolate spread, Hotel Chocolat’s Chocolate Spread Classic is the real thing! It’s made with gorgeous caramelised hazelnuts and cocoa, ground into a smooth melt in the mouth praline spread – see if you can resist eating it straight off the spoon! As a bonus, it’s even suitable if you are avoiding dairy in your diet. A fantastic treat any time of the year, as a little snack with crackers, or an indulgent breakfast with pancakes, swirled into a hot chocolate or mixed into a super chocolaty flapjack!
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