Assistant Store Manager

assistant store manager matt stokes

Matt Stokes

I applied at Christmas 2012 after I saw the word ‘chocolate’ many times in a local job description.

And, after serving years in retail management before, felt suited and understood the industry’s fast-paced front line, but nothing prepared me for the excitement and volatility that Hotel Chocolat provides.

Especially during peak trading periods, I can’t think of an instance where one would converse with such a number of different people in one day! This is the thrill for any Hotel Chocolat retail worker - You’re integrated into a strong and supportive team which steps onto the shopfloor expecting anything and everything. After tempting and talking to thousands of people about the intricate perfection of our product . . . Another week has just flashed by!

As well as upholding its renowned standard of service, every store is empowered with such greater operational duty than the average high street store which installs a ‘roll up your sleeves’ mentality and really bonds a team and makes you feel right at home.