Rabot Eco-Escape

Our eco-conscious cacao bolthole

What have we done so far?
  • As of 2018, we’re certified organic cacao growers. The beans and other crops grown on our Rabot Eco-Escape in Saint Lucia are 100% organic certified to both EU and US standards. For the last 10 years, we’ve been using only all-natural resources on the farm, from composting leftover cacao husks to using garlic and cayenne pepper sprays as pesticides.

  • Our Cacao Farm also feeds our Rabot Eco-Escape hotel guests. We grow all our own herbs for our kitchen and often serve homegrown cacao pulp, papaya, coconut water, bananas and mango in our food and drinks.

  • All the water we use at the hotel comes from natural rainwater harvesting – for our laundry, kitchen, showers and even the infinity pool.

  • All the hot water in each guest room, the cacao spa and our kitchen is heated by solar power. We use energy-saving lights throughout the hotel.

  • Our kitchen uses as much local, seasonal produce as possible, from pumpkin and sweet potatoes to soursops and pineapples. We never use imported fruits. Local farmers bring freshly picked fruit and fishermen bring us freshly caught fish.

  • We employ over 120 local staff across our Rabot Estate.