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Our unique concept...


Our cafes are a new concept that brings together everything we do under one roof – from cocoa growing and chocolate making, to innovative new cocoa-based drinks and food.

Cocoa Versus Coffee Bar 

A revolution in café culture Customers can explore the revolutionary new Coffee versus Cocoa Bar. It features a range of exclusive new drinks made possible by cocoa roasting techniques newly developed by Hotel Chocolat. Customers choose from a drinks menu written in familiar coffee language and decide whether they would like their latte, flat white or cappuccino prepared with cocoa freshly roasted on the premises or with coffee beans. Our Coffee Chocolate Lattes are made with chocolate, coffee beans and skimmed milk – that’s all. No syrups, no flavourings, no additives – and as always, faithful to our mantra: More Cocoa, Less Sugar.

Angus Thirlwell, Hotel Chocolat CEO 

“From our cocoa estate on Saint Lucia, straight to our cellar in Seven Dials – we are the first to be able to make small batches of rare chocolate from our own beans in the heart of London. It’s an utterly unique opportunity for customers to see the whole process in action, taste the differences between terroirs and experience a direct connection with our cocoa estate. Forget ‘bean-to-bar’, we’ve moved on to ‘Tree-To-Bar’! This is something that very few chocolate makers in the world could even consider doing and we are thrilled to be the first.”