How to clean and look after your Velvetiser

10 Feb 2023

Hot Chocolate

Discover our top tips for keeping your Velvetiser clean and sparkling after every use

Are you a long-term lover of the Velvetiser or a first-time buyer? Perhaps you’re looking to learn more about the Velvetiser before you take the plunge into the world of decadent, barista-grade hot chocolate.

Either way, we’re here to make your relationship with the Velvetiser run smoother. Cleaning any appliance can feel like a bit of a chore. But with the Velvetiser, it doesn’t have to be a time-consuming and laborious task. Our quick cleaning hacks will help you clean your hot chocolate station quicker than it takes for a mug of our hot cacao to cool down.

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How do you clean a Velvetiser machine?

How many of us have ever put off making our favourite treats to avoid additional washing up? We’ll admit it — we’ve been there too. But, with the Velvetiser, you don’t need to spend time leaving a pan to soak while you wash up additional whisks and pots of cream.

Our unique at-home hot chocolate system works by ‘Velvetising’ your favourite Hot Chocolate Sachets in a matter of minutes. No added whipped cream, melted chocolate, or cocoa spreads are necessary.

It goes without saying; something so easy to use should also be easy to clean, right? We think so. We’ve made sure the Velvetiser never demands too much attention so that you can snuggle down without the burden of dirty dishes weighing on your mind.

  • Step 1: Fill your Velvetiser with warm water up to the mixture line and add two drops of washing-up liquid.
  • Step 2: Remove the lid and use a small, soft brush to gently wipe away any excess hot chocolate.
  • Step 3: Replace the lid and press the Velvetiser button, letting it work its magic — this time to clean, rather than whip up a cloud-like hot chocolate.
  • Step 4: Empty the liquid into the sink, rinse the Velvetiser jug, and leave it to dry. You might like to pat the inside of the lid dry with a clean cloth.

Tip: If you can bring yourself to wait a minute before you indulge in your hot chocolate, it’s a good idea to clean your Velvetiser before you start sipping. This is so the mixture won’t dry on the inside of the machine. For sparkling results, begin the cleaning process right after use.

Charcoal Velvetiser and Pod Cup

Is the whisk dishwasher safe?

Like most electronic appliances, dishwashers are a no-no for the Velvetiser. Because the Velvetiser jug and power base are powered by electricity, they need to be kept away from excess water, including the trusty dishwasher. We also recommend only washing the whisk by hand.

Luckily, the Velvetier is sufficiently self-cleaning. For a deep clean, done the old fashioned way, remove the whisk, cleaning gently with a small brush to ensure no cacao or milk residue is left. Make sure to check behind the black plastic disk, as milk can sometimes remain there. Clean the jug gently with a cloth and soapy liquid, rinse and leave to dry.

As the Velvetiser jug is made from a food-safe, non-stick coating (free from the chemical PFOA), it’s remarkably effortless to clean and doesn’t require intense scrubbing or any abrasive cloth.

How often should you clean your Velvetiser?

It’s best to clean the Velvetiser after each use. This results in a better-tasting hot chocolate and also prevents your Velvetiser from becoming damaged and breaking. A build-up of milk and cacao traces could impair the whisk’s ability to blend your hot chocolate to that luscious, frothed consistency.

Can you use hot chocolate powder in a Velvetiser?

You might be tempted to use traditional hot chocolate powder in your Velvetiser. However, we’ve designed our clever machine to work in perfect harmony with our hot chocolate flakes. As well as offering a more indulgent texture, flavour, and aroma, our gossamer-fine chocolate flakes are perfectly calibrated for the Velvetiser.

Hot chocolate powder, on the other hand, can clog the Velvetiser’s whisk, impacting its ability to stir and whip effectively. It’s also important to resist the urge to add other chocolate to the Velvetiser — unregulated pieces may cause ‘hot spots’, impacting the motor and potentially breaking the machine.

For best results, we suggest finding the right hot chocolate flakes for your taste. That way, you’ll know you’re in safe hands. Fortunately, you have a world of varieties to explore. Those who adore the mellow, creamy notes of white chocolate will adore our Vanilla White Hot Chocolate flakes. Alternatively, dark chocolate devotees can choose our Classic 70% Dark Hot Chocolate or go all-out with our sumptuous 100% Dark Hot Chocolate — the ultimate cacao experience. We also have a vast range of flavours to try, from zesty Orange Supermilk to refreshing Dark with Mint.

Perhaps you’re looking for an additional caffeine boost — our Caffe Latte Sachets offer a smooth blend of coffee and high-cacao hot chocolate. What better way to start your morning?

Dark With Mint Hot Chocolate Sachets

The Velvetiser: your ticket to barista-grade hot chocolate at home

A next-level drinking chocolate, made effortless. With the Velvetiser, hot chocolate at home will never be the same again. With our perfectly portioned hot chocolate sachets, there’s no need to carefully measure or to keep your eyes glued to the stove as your drink warms.

While the Velvetiser is creating your indulgent drink, why not put together a few extra treats on the side? Our Dunking Biscuits double up on the chocolate, ready to be soaked for a few seconds in thick, warming cacao. Meltingly soft, with just the right amount of bite.

Enjoy cafe-quality drinks in the comfort of your own kitchen with the revolutionary Velvetiser.