Why are flowers and chocolates such a classic gift combination?

20 Oct 2021


Stuck for a gift idea? You can never go too wrong with flowers and chocolates to treat that special someone

There’s something incredibly satisfying in receiving a combination of flowers and chocolates. We may see flowers and chocolate almost every day, but when received as a surprise, they never disappoint. The floral scent and dazzling colours of a blooming bouquet, alongside the mouthwatering aromas of high-quality chocolate, make a gift that bit more special.

This timeless gift pairing indulges all the senses, adding a touch of luxury into your giftee’s life without needing to spend a small fortune. You can spend as much (or as little) on a combination of flowers and chocolate and still bring a blossoming smile to their face.

Why do we give flowers and chocolates?

Flowers have always been admired for their capturing colours and sweet scents. The Ancient Greeks used to hold flowers in godly admiration, bringing bouquets to temples as offers.

Historians believe that the tradition of flower-giving in the UK stems as far back as the Middle Ages. The gift of flowers quickly became popular amongst society when explorers noticed the custom in Turkey. People also carried flowers and herbs to ward off disease and illness, particularly during the Black Death pandemic. Receiving a small bunch of flowers could mean a lot to someone when they were doing everything in their power to avoid the plague!

During the Victorian era, the act of giving flowers as a gift became even more special. Flowers were another way for individuals to express their emotions. Being overly emotional was frowned upon, and thus bouquets became symbols of feelings. Each flower had its own meaning, so people would create bouquets with a variety of blooms to construct a wider meaning.

In comparison to flowers, chocolates weren’t passed on as presents until much later on. Although cocoa has been around for centuries, the type of chocolate that we’re familiar with today didn’t circulate until the late 19th century. Want to learn more about the rich history of chocolate? Take a look at our exploration of when and where chocolate was invented.

Small white flowers and chopped chocolate

The best flowers and chocolate gift combinations 

It might be tempting to buy any old bouquet and pair it with the first bar of chocolate you find. However, there’s always something extra-special about a gift that has a unique personal touch.

Red roses convey romantic, indulgent sentiments, making them the perfect bouquet to gift alongside some boozy liqueur chocolate. And, if you’re feeling extra generous, you can add a little tipple to the gift, too. Our Velvetised Cream Liqueurs Collection offers the perfect blend of indulgent chocolate cream and punchy vodka.

If your recipient isn’t such a fan of booze and chocolate, then you could opt for a smooth 70% dark variety. Our dark collection boasts a range of flavours, from deep and smooth hazelnut praline to zingy lime.

Perhaps they adore a bouquet of delicate pastel shades. A selection of chocolates with mellow flavours can complement the light floral hues beautifully. Moreish nutty nibbles and fruity chocolates leave a somewhat refreshed finish on the palette. Our 36% white chocolate is also a beautiful pairing for a lightly coloured bouquet. Because we use a much higher cocoa percentage than other chocolatiers, we’re able to capture that characteristically smooth and creamy finish of cocoa butter in every bite. 

When to give flowers and chocolates?

Flowers and chocolates might be synonymous with Valentine’s Day, but this gift combination doesn’t always have to have romantic connotations. Birthdays, congratulations, christenings, weddings, good luck gifts… There’s a whole variety of occasions that you can choose from to gift that special person a little (or big) treat.

The question of how you do it can also add some excitement. Is it a gift for a partner? Perhaps you could wake them up with breakfast in bed. Serve it on a tray with a bouquet of their favourite flowers and a few chocolates to nibble on. Alternatively, you could choose to deliver them at a specific time, so they can come home from work or school to find a delightful surprise waiting for them. For an extra personal touch, you could hand-deliver a box of chocolates alongside some flowers and a handwritten letter.

We’ve already looked at how the Victorians would use flowers to express emotions and, although we now don’t have to rely on a bouquet to display our feelings, you may want to pick flowers that hold a specific meaning, depending on the occasion. 

Valentines roses: a romantic flower choice

Valentine’s day

Roses are a classic gift on Valentine’s day, but did you know that different coloured roses carry their own meanings? Red roses are for passion, whilst white roses connate chaste love. Coral roses are for desire, pink roses for admiration and yellow roses for friendship (make sure you don’t accidentally give these to a partner!) If you think roses are slightly overdone, then primroses signify new love and a new beginning. They’re perfect for the early years of a relationship.

Our Valentine’s Day Gifts are the perfect accompaniment. Tuck a pack of our Champagne Chocolate Truffles into the bouquet for an added surprise.


The best birthday bouquets include the recipient’s favourite flowers. If you’re not sure exactly where to start then add in some pink carnations for gratitude. Forget-me-nots add a delicate finish, carrying the meaning of remembrance, and geraniums connote comfort and true friendship. Gift with our Birthday Gifts and treat them to their favourite whites, milks and darks.


Poinsettias tend to be the most popular choice for a Christmas gift. Although you might be used to seeing them in a vibrant red shade, they come in a variety of colours, including white, yellow or green. Combine with a few sprigs of holly. Not only is holly traditional, it also sends the message of everlasting life. A Hellebore (or Christmas Rose) is a more delicate seasonal gift, the meaning behind it thought to be a gift for Christ.

Our extensive range of Christmas Chocolate Gifts let you get creative with your flowers and chocolate combination. Scatter a few of our Jolly Penguins on top of your bouquet, or present alongside The Classic Christmas Sleekster for a real taste of Yuletide. 


Flowers and chocolates: the perfect gifts for any occasion

Even if you don’t have an occasion in mind, chocolate and flowers can be the perfect lift for when a loved one is feeling glum. Or, of course, for when you need a little pick-me-up yourself. After all, it’s important to give ourselves little treats, now and then.