Father’s Day gifts that are more delicious than socks!

23 May 2016

Gift Ideas

Whether he’s ‘Father’, ‘Dad’, ‘Pa’ or ‘Pops’, known for his terrible – ahem, classic – jokes, his passion for a good brew or simply for being there when you need him, we’ll help you get his Father’s Day gift right this June 19th. All it takes is an eye for his hobbies and a little imagination – and we promise, it’ll be more delicious than socks!


Most likely to say:

What beers have you got on draught?


The Beer Hamper

For the true beer connoisseur in your life: the works. First, Dad can break out four of each of our favourite beer-based chocolates with the new Beer Collection: small-batch Pale Cocoa Beer, complex Cocoa Beer, nostalgic Ginger Beer and hefty Caramel Stout. Then, he can wash them all down with a bottle of refreshing Pale Cocoa Beer and another of rich and malty Cocoa Beer, both of which we work with a small Suffolk brewery to create. And that’s not all – he’s still got a toasty, Porter-style Dark Cocoa Beer Truffle Selector to see him through the coming week. The ultimate Father’s Day gift for lovers of a good brew.

The Beer Hamper: £25


Most likely to say:

Hand me that chisel.”

Bean-to-Bar Experience
The man who’s good with his hands will try them at something new at one of our Schools of Chocolate. As he grinds down cocoa beans to release their cocoa butter, Dad will learn what happened to the sweet pulp of the cocoa pod as the beans were fermented and dried, and what difference it made to roast them. By the time he’s made his own bar and finished his glass of Prosecco, he’ll have discovered the importance of ‘conching’, tried his hand at the art of ‘tempering’ and brought a precision touch to hand-piping – and we’ll send him home with a goodie bag to boot.

90-minute bean-to-bar experience: £65


Most likely to say:

What time did the man go to the dentist? Tooth-hurty!


The Father’s Day Sleekster or H-Box
If he likes nothing better than getting the family round the table, give him something to share while you’re there: some of our most popular recipes, including Florentine Isabelle, Fudge Sundae, Carrot Cake, Cherry Deluxe, The Brownie, Mousse au Chocolat, Raspberry Smoothie, Caramel Cheesecake, Billionaire’s Shortbread, Peanut Butter, Going Nuts, Eton Mess, Dizzy Praline, Champagne and Supermilk Caesar. The ideal treat for dads, granddads and stepdads alike this Father’s Day.

Father’s Day Sleekster: £22.50
Father’s Day H-Box: £12


Most likely to say:

It’s a black pepper sponge with a strawberry and balsamic whip…

Fine Fare
Fathers who know their bravas from their dauphinoise will be in their element at our restaurants. The chic wood-panelled eateries, their styling a contemporary take on a Caribbean plantation house, serve West Indian cacao cuisine with an eccentric British twist – think chopped rump steak burger with aged cheddar, cacao pale ale-braised onions, potato chips and creole chutney, with molten chocolate lava pudding to follow. A word to the wise: Rabot 1745 isn’t open on the Sunday itself, so a visit is the perfect present if you can’t make it to see Dad on the day.


Most likely to say:

Here’s an interesting fact for you…


The Old Fossil – Milk or Dark
You don’t have to be a palaeontologist to enjoy the beautiful curves of an iconic fossilised ammonite shell. We’ve preserved one of ours in smooth, earthy 70% dark and one in mellow 40% milk, so you can treat the precious fossil in your life. For bonus points, tell him you know it’s not as scientifically significant as the discovery of Archaeopteryx lithographica – but you’re willing to bet it’s more fun to excavate!

The Old Fossil – Milk: £7.50
The Old Fossil – Dark: £7.50


Most likely to say:

It’s going to be fine. And I’ll tell you why…

Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club subscription
When one box just isn’t enough: Thank Dad for his year-round support with 3, 6 or 12 months’ membership of our Tasting Club, featuring classic and yet-to-be-released chocolates. He’ll also get 5% off everything we make, as well as access to limited-edition chocolates and exclusive events and competitions.

Tasting Club subscription: £60 / £110 / £195

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