What to include in an Easter basket for kids

14 Mar 2022

Easter Gift Ideas

Keep your little ones occupied this Easter with a basket of goodies

Ah, Easter — the most exciting springtime celebration for kids. Why? It’s packed with chocolate, of course! With Christmas festivities months away, the Easter holidays are a lovely time for little ones to have a break from school and enjoy the building anticipation of waiting for the Easter Bunny. Another delightful tradition is the Easter basket — a basket or hamper piled high with edible gifts, toys, and other treats.

Building a bespoke hamper is a great way to make sure your child enjoys good-quality, high-cacao chocolate without overloading on sugar. You can also add in a variety of other gifts to keep them busy over the spring holiday.

Here are a few ideas of what to include in an Easter basket for the kids.

Cute bunny figurine with mini chocolate eggs - perfect Easter basket fillers

Why make your own Easter basket?

Creating your own Easter basket is a lovely way to get creative. You can purchase an empty basket or box or even repurpose one you already have. Once you have a basket, you can fill it with as many treats as you like. It’s the ideal Easter gift for when you’re visiting family or if you’d like to spread Easter joy without setting up an Easter egg hunt.

Perhaps you’ve got lots of little ones to get Easter eggs for and would prefer to go for multipacks that they can share. Our Dozen Quail Eggs and White Chocolate City Easter Bunnies are a luxurious upgrade to the chocolate multipack that children will adore.

An Easter Basket also gives you the opportunity to include some non-edible gifts that will keep the family entertained.

Wicker picnic basket with red checked fabric

Easter basket goodies

So, where to start? If you’re looking for a quirky twist on the classic Easter egg, we’ve got plenty. And, as with all Hotel Chocolat products, you can rely on our ‘more cacao, less sugar’ mantra. Not only does including a higher cacao content ensure the richest, most satisfying flavours but it also means your children won’t be overloaded with excess sugar content.

Of course, it’s still best for little ones to enjoy in moderation! That’s what makes these petite options such ideal Easter basket fillers.

Egg on Toast Milk Chocolate Lick

Who doesn’t enjoy a lighthearted chocolate lolly? Our Egg on Toast Lick is made with 40% milk chocolate and has a delectable white chocolate ‘fried egg’ for a bit of contrast and flavour variety. The egg’s ‘yolk’ provides a beautiful burst of colour — but don’t worry, we only use natural flavours and colourings in our chocolate, making them perfect for little ones.

Chocolate Egg Sandwiches

Speaking of lighthearted, we have to mention our alternative to traditional Easter eggs: our chocolate egg sandwiches. Whether you go for Caramayo, Lamb and Mint, or Toast & Marmalade, these fabulous creations are sure to evoke a smile. Each one has two slices of chocolate ‘bread’ cleverly based on 3D scans of real slices.

The ‘eggs’ (or fluffy sheep in the case of Lamb and Mint) are also made with premium chocolate, infused with irresistible natural flavourings. They’re perfect for fans of the breakfast buttie! They’re also in our 3 for £27 offer, so why not mix and match for a whole buffet?

Elizapeck’s Speckled Eggs

For another bitesize Easter treat, you can’t go wrong with Elizapeck’s Speckled Eggs. These tiddly milk chocolate praline eggs have satisfying crispy shells and are great for decorating cakes as well snacking on. They’re sure to keep your chicks chirpy!

Hot Chocolate

Warmer weather might be just around the corner, but a warming cup of hot chocolate never goes amiss. Why not add a few sachets of our real hot chocolate flakes to your Easter basket? Each one provides the perfect single serving. With creamy Vanilla White Hot Chocolate, Milky 50% Hot Chocolate, and zesty Orange Supermilk Hot Chocolate to choose from, there’s plenty to keep your little ones happy and cosy. 

Child drinking hot chocolate from a blue mug

Bunny slippers

What’s more snug than enjoying a mug of velvety-smooth hot chocolate? Enjoying a mug of velvety-smooth hot chocolate whilst wearing toasty bunny slippers! 

A colouring book

Rain or shine, a colouring book is a fun activity for kids to enjoy over Easter. You can look for Easter-themed pictures or go for something different. You could even find some free colouring pages online and print them off. Include some colouring pencils or crayons and they’ll be busy for hours! (In the meantime, you can always enjoy your own indulgent Easter treat – a Patisserie Chocolate Ostrich Egg, perhaps?)

Child colouring in an Easter picture

Adorable chocolate animals

Easter is a beautiful time of renewal and rebirth. It signifies that brighter times are ahead and, of course, it’s a time for adorable baby animals to appear. Embrace the joy of spring with Elizapeck, Wooliam, and Rabbert. Each figure is brimming with character and is based on original sketches by our in-house chocolate sculptress. Plus, each one comes with a delectable Tiddly Pot of chocolate drops.

Alternatively, you can enjoy the whole team together with our Chocolate Pen Pals. Aren’t they cute?

Easter-themed cookie cutters

Another excellent way to occupy the kids is to let them do some baking. Keep it seasonal with some Easter-themed cookie cutters — think bunnies, chicks, eggs, and flowers. From savoury biscuits to chocolate chip cookies, you can all get creative in the kitchen and whip up some nibbles that look as good as they taste.

Ready-made Easter hampers

The beauty of putting together your own Easter basket is that you can mix and match items to suit the recipient. However, we understand that doing so can be time-consuming. If you’re looking for a ready-to-go Easter hamper that ticks all the boxes, we’ve got you covered. 

The Abundantly Easter Hamper has everything you need for a joyful Easter. You’ll find City Bunnies, Eggs & Soldiers, and Soft Boiled Eggs — plenty for the kids. This generous basket also contains a couple of our signature Extra Thick Easter Eggs to keep the grown-ups chipper, too. The Abundantly Easter Hamper is an online exclusive, so don’t miss out!