Easter Gift Ideas that Last Longer than an Egg

13 Apr 2017

Easter Gift Ideas

Easter will always be about the eggs. They’re an icon of Easter and we all love them. But the problem with Easter Eggs is the tastier they are, the quicker they go!
Gifting something with a bit more longevity, alongside a delicious chocolate Easter Egg, makes more of a great celebration.
Who will you delight this Easter?

1. A heartfelt message in a homemade card

Who says homemade cards are just for kids? Grab some nice paper, bring out the coloured pencils, and get creative with it! It doesn’t matter if you’re not Van Gogh level yet.
Your kids will love receiving a handwritten message from the “Easter Bunny,” and your adult friends and family will have their hearts warmed to receive a card that was handcrafted for them with a special, heartfelt message inside.

2. Brighten up their garden

Ah, flowers, the classic romantic gift. But they aren’t just for Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. Celebrate the beginning of spring by giving your loved one a gift that will brighten their day. The vivid colours will wash away the cobwebs of winter, and the lovely aroma will invigorate them for a day of Easter fun.
Fresh flowers, while lovely, might not last much longer than an ostrich egg, so why not opt for a plantable variety that your loved one can enjoy year-round?

3. Invite birdsong into their lives

It’s no coincidence Easter always falls shortly after the first day of spring. It’s all about rebirth and the return of warm, sunny weather (or at least hoping for it!). If they have a garden, give your friends and family members a birdhouse for Easter.
It’s an out-of-the-box way to celebrate the beginning of spring, all the while attracting beautiful songbirds to their garden for months, or even years, to come!

4. Create a personalised photobook

People love strolling down memory lane, and nothing highlights the wonderful memories you share with a loved one better than a photobook. Scroll through your phone (or, even better, dig out the old photo albums) and choose some of your best photos together.
Putting them together in a personalised photobook not only shows how much you care, but it’s one of the few gifts they’ll truly be able to cherish for a lifetime.
Bonus tip: Add tickets, postcards, or other important items from your experiences together to make the book come to life.

5. Chocolates that keep coming

The cardinal rule of gift giving is to choose something for the person that they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves. Everyone loves chocolate Easter eggs, but for the true chocolate lover in your life, consider a gift that keeps on giving.
Subscription boxes are on the rise: beauty products, coffee, clothes, beer . . . you name it. We even have a monthly chocolate tasting club, for example. Find out what your people love and give them a trial subscription for the month.