7 of our favourite vegan chocolate recipes 

25 Jan 2023

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Going plant-based shouldn’t mean missing out — explore our favourite vegan chocolate recipes

Speak to anyone who’s gone vegan, and they’ll likely tell you chocolate is one of the hardest things to give up. Nowadays, there are countless new products and recipes to sample — but too often, they’re just not quite as good. Well, we don’t think that should be the case, which is why we’ve developed a sumptuous vegan* chocolate range that’s just as creamy and satisfying as the rest of our products.

When it comes to cooking plant-based recipes, a few solid recommendations can go a long way in replacing your previous favourites and broadening your horizons. From sweet to savoury, these are some vegan chocolate recipes you simply need to try.

*Please note that, while our vegan chocolate doesn’t contain dairy ingredients, it is produced in the same environment as our milk chocolate, so we cannot guarantee it is dairy-free.

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Top vegan chocolate recipes

Whether you’ve been trying out Veganuary or you simply want to try some plant-based recipes, these are sure to delight. And if you’re hosting a party, we can guarantee that vegans and omnivores alike will be asking for second helpings!

1. Vegan chocolate fudge cake

As crowd-pleasers go, a chocolate fudge cake done right is arguably hard to beat. Our favourite is this recipe from Stork. While a lot of recipes call for a heavy helping of cocoa powder, this one uses real dark chocolate, which helps create that perfect moist texture and ups the intensity of the chocolatey flavour.

Melting your chocolate properly is a pivotal part of this vegan recipe — the last thing you want is a burnt taste. If you’re new to the process, brush up on our guide on the best way to melt chocolate. As for choosing the right chocolate? We highly recommend our 70% Dark Chocolate Slab Selector. Its high cacao content only heightens the indulgence.

Avid bakers likely already have a chocolate fudge cake recipe they swear by. If you’ve already got a firm favourite, it’s easy than you’d think to make it vegan. Simply swap:

  • Dairy milk for your preferred plant milk
  • Dairy cream for vegan cream
  • Eggs for tofu, banana, aquafaba or yoghurt — the best choice will depend on the recipe

Read our guide on vegan chocolate fudge cakes for more tips.

Vegan chocolate fudge cake mix in a bowl

2. Vegan brownies

Thick, gooey and oh so moreish; a good batch of brownies is a sight to behold, and a taste to marvel at. Wrap them up nicely, and they’re an excellent, thoughtful gift for a friend. Alternatively, whip up a tray for a party, and you’re guaranteed to be the most popular person in the room.

As with chocolate fudge cake, texture is absolutely everything, which is why when replacing some of the traditional ingredients, vegan recipes can sometimes fall flat. Not this one from Nora Cooks. It uses flax eggs and vegan butter to prevent any compromise to the end result. Delicious.

Again, it’s important to start with high-quality ingredients. And with chocolate, that means looking for a high cacao content — you’ll get nuanced flavour notes, and cocoa butter adds to the melt-in-the-mouth texture.

3. Quick and easy vegan chocolate-dipped fruit

Whether served as a snack or dessert, chocolate-dipped fruit makes for the perfect sweet treat. It’s one of many vegan chocolate recipes that celebrates straightforward, natural ingredients — a real hit with lovers of all things plant-based.

Preparing your fruit should only take around 10 minutes and hardly needs a recipe, but in a few steps you’ll need to:

  • Wash the fruit
  • Melt the chocolate with some coconut oil
  • Dip the fruit in the chocolate
  • Place on a tray in the fridge for a little while
  • Drizzle with remaining chocolate for some added pizzazz
  • Return to the fridge to set completely

For a full run-through, cast your eyes over this chocolate covered fruit recipe from Loving It Vegan. They use strawberries but feel free to get creative with your favourites. We find bananas, pineapple slices, and raspberries all work wonderfully.

Mixed fruit kebabs

4. Vegan peanut butter cups

Another no-bake delight that’s low effort and high reward — especially for the chocolate and nut fanatics amongst us.

A vegan alternative to the American shop-bought classic, these peanut butter cups from Build Your Bite are a masterclass in combining salty and sweet for the ultimate flavour sensation. Ideal for adding to your lunchbox or snacking on during movie nights.

5. Vegan chocolate ‘nice’ cream

Ice cream that’s actually healthy? It feels rude not to give it a try. The popularity of vegan ‘nice’ cream is rapidly growing, so there are plenty of great recipes out there — and whichever you choose, it doesn’t have to be at all complicated.

In fact, this Chocolate Banana Ice Cream from The Roasted Root only requires three all-natural ingredients: banana, coconut milk and cacao powder. And you don’t need an ice cream maker either!

The cacao powder gives the ice cream its chocolatey taste. B ut choosing your toppings is where the real fun begins. For a flavour explosion, crumble our Hazelnut and Ginger Chocolate Selectors over a scoop. With our Vegan Collection, there’s plenty of room to get creative.

6. Vegan chocolate chia pudding

Chia seeds are heralded as a vegan superfood. They’re rich in omega-3 fat, fibre, minerals and antioxidants. So create a delicious dessert where they’re the star of the show, and it’s safe to say you’re onto a winner.

Chia pudding is incredibly versatile, and there’s plenty of room to dream up your own interpretations. When combined with a liquid, the chia seeds expand, giving a gorgeously thick and gooey texture.

First, you’ll want to clue up on a basic recipe to get the quantities and consistency right. We’d recommend this Minimalist Baker one for a starting point. It’s fully approved by our cacao fanatics, and is so filled with goodness you can eat it for breakfast! 

Vegan chocolate chia pudding

7. Plant-based chocolate chilli

Adding chocolate to chilli is a complete game-changer. While the practice is overlooked in a lot of recipes, the tradition of combining the two dates back to the Aztecs, and it’s viewed as an absolute essential in most Central and South American methods.

Just a couple of chunks of unsweetened dark chocolate will add depth, richness and umami, enhancing the flavour of all the spices. 100% Dark Chocolate is perfect — it’s such a great cooking addition, in fact, that we have a whole article on the subject!

To enjoy the perfect balance of sweet, spicy and savoury, give this recipe from Foolproof Living a go. You’ll never look back.

High-cacao vegan chocolate from Hotel Chocolat

Ready to get cooking? Remember, the key to perfecting any chocolate-based recipe is using the finest quality ingredients. To provide you with the very best, Hotel Chocolat only produces chocolate with a high-cacao concentration, never dulling its natural flavour with excess sugar.

Browse our Vegan range ahead of your next culinary adventure — or dive deeper into the world of vegan chocolate desserts with our guide.