The Podster and Velvetiser: your ultimate home barista setup

18 Feb 2022

Coffee Hot Chocolate

Enjoy barista-grade drinks at home with the ultimate pairing: the Podster and Velvetiser

Whether you want to save a little money on takeaway drinks or simply enjoy rich, smooth coffee and hot chocolate in the comfort of your own home, we have just the gadget combo for you. The Podster and Velvetiser are here to make your home barista dreams a reality, with irresistibly creamy and comforting beverages. Read on to learn how to whip up unbelievably satisfying hot drinks in just a few minutes. We’re confident you’ll never look back…

Coffee in an espresso glass: boost your home barista game with the Podster and Velvetiser

What are the Podster and Velvetiser machines?

High-cacao chocolate and ethically sourced coffee are two of our biggest passions. We love them so much, in fact, that we developed our own exclusive gadgets to make the most of them. Takeaway drinks from cafes and coffee shops can be delicious — and handy when you’re out and about — but those extra purchases can soon add up. Investing in a home coffee machine and hot chocolate maker could save you money in the long run.

Plus, there’s something extra satisfying about making barista grade beverages yourself. But where to start?

Our collaboration with Dualit, gadget extraordinaires, has enabled us to develop a coffee pod machine and hot chocolate maker like no other. Using our knowledge of cacao and coffee, and Dualit’s engineering talents, we’ve conjured the ultimate barista-grade machines. Easy to use, clean, and care for, they make creating hot chocolate, mochas, flat whites, and lattes quick and easy.

Plus, these machines are stylish additions to your kitchen. Sleek and modern, with attention to detail, they’re sure to impress visitors and coffee guests.

The Podster

At the touch of a button, you can get a perfectly-extracted espresso. This elegant appliance is compatible with our own Rabot Estate coffee pods and a range of other aluminium pods. Each Rabot Estate pod has the perfect portion of ground coffee to get a delicious single serving. Simply pop your pod in the chamber, press the Podster button, and watch as it dispenses rich, full-bodied espresso with a layer of golden crema.

You can drink your espresso straight if you like your coffee strong and punchy or add just-off-the-boil water for a longer Americano. Alternatively, those who enjoy a smooth and creamy latte are sure to appreciate the milk texture you can get with the Velvetiser…

The Velvetiser

Before the Podster, came the Velvetiser. We’d like to think this small but mighty machine is rather revolutionary. Whether you want milk for a latte or flat white or you’re in the mood for a soothing hot chocolate, the Velevetiser will do the trick in 2.5 minutes. It stirs, heats, and foams milk into a cloud-like consistency that can’t be beaten.

For foamed latte milk, just pour in 220ml of milk (dairy or plant-based), and push the button. Or, if you’re making hot chocolate, add a single-serve sachet or 35g of hot chocolate flakes to your milk and do the same. In both cases, the Velvetiser will work its magic and be ready to sip and savour in under three minutes.

Compact, easy to clean, and available in a range of colours to suit every home, the Velvetiser makes an excellent gift — or treat for yourself.

Charcoal Velvetiser and Pod Cup

Making the most of your barista gadgets

Once you’ve got your Velvetiser and Podster, how do you make the most of your home barista setup?

Create a dedicated station

We recommend creating a dedicated barista station. If you have space on your kitchen counter, the two appliances can nestle side by side. As long as there’s a free plug socket for each, you’ll be good to go.

A set area for your machines will mean that delectable drinks are always available, without the need to root around in the cupboard. Keeping a cloth nearby is also handy for mopping up any spillages quickly and efficiently.

Back to basics: getting the beans right

Whether you’re a caffeine fiend or hot cocoa connoisseur, getting the most out of your home barista tools starts with top-quality ingredients. At Hotel Chocolat, we pride ourselves on sourcing only the finest coffee beans and cacao beans. Doing so ensures that every sip of your coffee or hot chocolate is brimming with complex, nuanced notes. Ultimately, we believe this makes for a far more enjoyable and satisfying drinking experience.

Why not explore our range of Rabot Estate coffees to see which blend is best for you? With five distinct combinations to choose from, we’re certain you’ll find one that suits your taste buds perfectly. From a mellow Cashmere blend that has subtly sweet notes of baked brioche to a bright and fruity Oh, Hello option, explore the flavour variety that good quality coffee beans contain.

The same goes for hot chocolate. You may notice that many hot chocolate powders are high in sugar and have a low cacao content. While these may be cheap and easily accessible, excess sugar masks the cacao bean’s layered notes. We use real grated chocolate for our hot chocolate pouches and single-serve sachets. And, as you might expect, that grated chocolate is high in cacao.

With milk, white, Supermilk, and dark chocolate options to try, there’s a world of rich hot chocolate waiting to delight your taste buds.

Once you’ve found your favourite coffee or hot chocolate, the Podster and Velvetiser make the rest easy.

Coffee crema close up

Home barista drink ideas

Once you have your Podster and Velvetiser all set up, you can experiment with different drink combinations. Just be careful not to add anything other than liquid and hot chocolate flakes to your Velvetiser, as this may prevent the whisk from working to its full capacity.

Here are some tasty combos to get you started:

Warming chilli mocha

For a chocolatey coffee with a spicy kick, pair our Chilli Dark Hot Chocolate with a shot of The One coffee. The chilli tingle will complement this well-rounded coffee blend. For a vegan option, use oat milk for a creamy and satisfying result.

Tipsy latte

And if you fancy your hot drink with a different kind of kick, why not add a splash of Velvetised Chocolate Cream? Use the Podster to brew up an espresso with your favourite coffee blend, and prepare your milk with the Velvetiser. Combine the two in a cosy mug and add a generous glug of the silky-smooth Velvetised tipple. It’s the luxurious way to wind down.

Velvetised coffee cocktails

If you want to take your boozy barista game to the next level, you can use the Podster and Velvetiser to create irresistible cocktails. We particularly like this decadent Velvetised Chocolate Espresso Martini recipe from Alex Webb.

Double helpings of Velvetised Chocolate Cream, vodka, and The One coffee make the base for this punchy yet smooth drink. Add a hint of sugar and a scoop of Milky 50% Drinking Chocolate, and you’ll have a fabulous concoction to lift your spirits and tantalise your taste buds.

The classics

For more tips on using the Podster and Velvetiser in harmony, take a look at our guide on becoming a home barista. Here, you’ll find expert advice on preparing the finest espresso drinks and mastering classic barista-grade recipes.

And don’t forget to explore our coffee and hot chocolate ranges to discover your favourite flavour combinations.