Celebrate spring with an alcohol Easter egg

22 Mar 2023

Alcohol Easter

Easter chocolates aren’t just for the kids this year. Change up your seasonal toast with an alcohol Easter egg

Some celebrations are traditionally marked with a toast, whereas at others, it’s the seasonal food that reigns supreme. With eggs, cakes and bakes galore, it’s safe to say Easter usually falls under the latter. But let’s pause a minute — who’s to say the tipples and treats have to be at odds? Allow us to introduce you to a combination for the history books: the alcohol Easter egg. Whether you’re kind enough to share or prefer to keep yours under wraps, these luxury easter eggs really are the ultimate indulgence. The children have their fun, now it’s time for yours. 

Here’s a round-up of our favourite alcohol infused Easter treats from this year’s collection.

Friends toasting drinks in orange glasses

What is an alcohol Easter egg?

There are many shapes and sizes an alcohol Easter egg can take. But across our selection, there’s one common denominator at play — and that’s a dash or two of premium alcohol.

Chocolates filled with alcohol liqueurs have been popular since the 1920s. The process of adding alcohol to chocolate varies, with traditional chocolate liqueurs using a starch cast.

We’ve taken a slightly different approach with our tipsy truffles and alcohol Easter eggs. Rather than creating a hollow chocolate shell filled with liquid, many of our products feature creamy ganache or truffle filling infused with top-quality spirits.

Ensuring we got the recipe just right was a rigorous process. After much experimentation, we discovered the tipples that best complement cacao’s natural properties. We then adapted our signature chocolate-making processes to introduce alcohol in the early stages, ensuring the perfect infusion of flavours. The result: products that celebrate both primary ingredients in equal measures. From gin and vodka to red wine and rum, our alcohol chocolates are perfect gifts or for an after-dinner digestif. 

A spotlight on our favourite alcohol Easter eggs and chocolates

If you’re looking for an impressive Easter gift for a loved one or would like to celebrate this spring holiday with your nearest and dearest, here are a few of our favourite tipsy Easter eggs and chocolates.

Extra Thick Your Eggsellency Easter Egg

At first glance, Your Eggsellency is an Easter egg. A good one, at that. With one half 40% Milk, one half 70% Extra Dark, and both sides Extra Thick, it’s enough to keep any chocolate devotee busy for a while. But when you open it up, that’s when the fun begins.

Imagine a chocolatier walking into a bar and getting creative with the most prized bottles they can get their hands on. The curation of tipsy truffles that this egg encases is the outcome.

With chocolates inspired by wines, spirits and everyone’s favourite cocktails, there really is a bounty of flavours across the selection. It’s a journey from the floral notes of gin, to an instantly refreshing Mojito, right through to the glamorous nightcap that is the Salted Caramel Espresso Martini.

How will they shape up? Dare to open Your Eggsellency, and you’ll soon find out.

Espresso martini drink 

Extra Thick Champagne Easter Egg

With Academy of Chocolate and Great Taste Awards to their name, our Champagne Chocolate Truffles are every bit as fabulous as they sound. They’re luxurious, glamorous, and as smooth as they come. If the world of chocolate had a red carpet, they’d be walking it with pride, posing for their close-up.

This year, we’ve given these Mercier-doused truffles a seasonal twist by embedding them within one of our Extra Thick Easter Eggs. One half is made from our signature 40% Milk chocolate, the other is Strawberry Fusion. The result? A fruity, creamy, and unrelentingly flavoursome Easter treat, inspired by the pastel tones of spring.

The epitome of seasonal sophistication, our Extra Thick Champagne Easter Egg is for those who like to enjoy the finer things in life. After all, why should Easter weekend be any exception?

Extra Thick Champagne Truffle Easter Egg

The Easter Sleekster

Our Sleeksters are the very definition of ‘something for everyone’ — and this Easter take on the Hotel Chocolat classic is no different. With ten variations of tiddly eggs, you’re spoilt for choice in the best possible way.

Should any little fingers creep closer to this oh so inviting box of treats, there are plenty of alcohol-free pralines and caramels to share with the family, then the tipples can be saved for a post bedtime treat. Everyone’s a winner.

The Easter Sleekster features our Champagne Truffle’s seasonal alter ego, the Champagne tiddly egg, as well as an egg inspired by the Tipsy Simnel Cake from our Patisserie collection. The zesty amaretto and warming cinnamon truly is a match made from heaven.

Celebrate with a grown-up Easter egg from Hotel Chocolat

Devilishly tempting in all their shapes and forms, our alcohol Easter eggs are a party for the tastebuds. Whether that party gets started after Easter lunch, in front of a film with the family, or as you cosy up for a bit of me-time, there are definitely worse decisions to make.

Hotel Chocolat’s Easter Collection is available to shop in-store or online. We also offer gift wrapping and a range of delivery options, so you can celebrate the joy of Easter with family and friends near and far.

Remember to always drink responsibly.