Give strawberries and cream a cacao makeover: summer chocolate treats to enjoy during Wimbledon

3 Jul 2023

Summer White Chocolate

Our white strawberry chocolate is a true summer delight and perfect for enjoying during Wimbledon. Game, set and match!

The British summer starts with Wimbledon. It’s a delectable combination of fabulous sport, chic tennis outfits and, of course, strawberries and cream. And this iconic British combination inspired us to curate our own summer chocolates collection, featuring light and bright berry flavours and our cacao-rich white chocolate. Just like our irresistible strawberry chocolate and barista-grade white hot chocolate flakes.

But how can you make the most of summer chocolates this Wimbledon? With our selection of dippable treats and summer chocolate desserts, of course.

Closeup of a tennis player

Why are strawberries and cream an iconic Wimbledon treat?

Strawberries and cream are the ideal pairing for the perfect summer. And this winning combination has a long and noble history. For the Romans, the wild strawberry was the symbol of Venus. And the rose-red, heart-shaped fruit remains a symbol of love — ideal for Wimbledon.

The classic combination of strawberries and cream dates back to Tudor times. Then, the highly prized strawberries were served at a lavish banquet for Henry VIII at Hampton Court in 1509. The combination of wild berries from the palace’s kitchen garden and cream from the dairy herd proved irresistible. Simple and sensational, this match made in heaven was even served during the real tennis matches the king adored.

Now fast forward from a quick and easy banquet dessert in 1509 to the first championships at the All England Tennis Club in 1877. And what better summer treat to serve than an iconic and very British dish of strawberries and cream? Nowadays, Wimbledon serves around two million of the finest hand-picked Kentish strawberries with Jersey cream or a vegan alternative — the ultimate taste of the British summer.

Strawberries layered with cream

White chocolate dipped strawberries: give the classic Wimbledon nibble a cacao makeover

Strawberries dipped in chocolate are almost as iconic as strawberries and cream. So it’s time to give this easy and indulgent treat a makeover with Strawberry and Cream Chocolate Puddles. Just melt, dip and serve for an instant treat.

Too engrossed in the tennis to melt chocolate? Our Large Chocolate Dipping Adventure has all you need to dip, dunk, sprinkle and crunch your way through even the most brutal five-set match.

Why not explore our collection of white chocolates and let your imagination run wild with tantalisingly dippable flavour combinations?

Embrace the taste of summer with strawberry and white chocolate desserts

Wimbledon may only last for two weeks, but summer chocolate desserts with strawberry and white chocolate are a tantalising taste of summer year-round. These are our favourite ways to celebrate the eternal pairing of strawberries and cream, the Hotel Chocolat way.

White chocolate and strawberry mousse

What could be more Wimbledon than a delectable make-ahead mousse? Invite your friends to a tennis party and serve up this elegant dessert from Simply Recipes. It’s bound to be a smash. We recommend using our White Chocolate Batons for the perfect melt and a creamy mouthfeel.

Why not pop a fresh strawberry and a Strawberry and White Chocolate Selector on top for serving in your prettiest glasses? Our zingy chocolates capture that delectable summer afternoon feeling in one bite.

Eton Mess

Is there any more straightforward recipe than Eton Mess? It’s the ultimate summer-in-a-pud and so easy to make with just three ingredients: whipped cream, meringue and, of course, the best strawberries you can find.

If you want to elevate the flavours further, add a sprinkle of our Vanilla White Hot Chocolate flakes to the whipped cream. It’s a clever way to deliver an addictive hit of pure Madagascan vanilla that brings out the best in the berries.

But whichever way you serve it — in a big sharing bowl or pretty individual dishes — remember to add a few Strawberries and Cream Chocolate Puddles and Vanilla Macarons for extra crunch and texture. Alternatively, use shards of our Eton Mess Slab Selector to scoop up every last mouthful.

Eton Mess with white chocolate

Strawberry blondies

Who doesn’t love a chocolate brownie? These strawberry blondies from Tesco Recipes update that rich cacao fudginess for summer with a crowd-pleasing combination of fresh berries and a tempting white chocolate base. Why not bury one of our Blondie Selector white chocolates at the heart of every square for extra indulgence?

Our signature White Chocolate Batons are brimming with 36% cacao butter for the perfect melt. Ideal for any white chocolate recipe, our batons make these indulgent blondies your go-to summer-long baked treat.

Strawberry and white chocolate cheesecake

A strawberry and white chocolate cheesecake is a real summer showstopper. You could take a few shortcuts to cheesecake heaven using this simple no-bake recipe from Jane’s Patisserie.

For example, you could cut a base from a pre-baked sponge and drizzle with a tropical burst of our Mango & Passion Fruit Gin for a grown-up twist on a family-friendly dessert. Feel free to use one of our flavoured white chocolate recipes for the cheesecake mixture. We think Raspberry-White Chocolate Batons would add even more fresh berry zing.

And don’t hold back when it comes to the decoration. Try our tempting Neapolitan Macarons with their chocolate shell and strawberry whipped filling as a baseline. Or scatter over a few Simple White Chocolate Truffles. Then turn your cheesecake into a showstopping smash with our Strawberry Cheesecake and Strawberry and White Chocolate Selectors.

White iced chocolate (topped with strawberries)

We’re so proud of our barista-grade hot chocolate we think you should drink it all year. So when the sun’s blazing down and you’re lazing in the garden, our white iced chocolate will surely be a winner. It’s as easy as making a shot of our iconic hot chocolate. And if you own a Velvetiser, it’s even more of a breeze. Use Vanilla White Chocolate for a cool classic. Or mix it up with our Coconut-White Chocolate Flakes for the perfect summer treat.

Simply Velvetise your chosen flavour with 120ml milk, then pour into 100ml of well-chilled milk with ice cubes. Once assembled, top with — what else? — whipped cream and strawberries. Then sprinkle a few extra chocolate flakes on top, pop in a straw, sip and relax.

Our favourite summer white chocolates

Too hot to bake? Can’t be bothered to whisk, fold or whip? Then why not pop your favourite white summer chocolates into the fridge and enjoy our cacao-butter-rich recipes, iced?

There’s so much to choose from, including classic Eton Mess Slabs and Selectors that capture the perfect marriage of cream and strawberries in white chocolate, meringue and a zingy whipped strawberry filling. Or bite down through the layers of a Strawberry Cheesecake Selector to experience the contrasts of crunchy biscuit, zesty strawberry and tangy yoghurt and mascarpone.

And no Wimbledon white chocolate collection would be complete without strawberries and cream. So treat yourself to our classic white chocolate Puddles and enjoy the divine combination of natural freeze-dried strawberry and 36% cacao butter white chocolate. They might be the perfect bite-sized chocolate to nibble during our favourite tennis tournament.

Hotel Chocolat Eton Mess Slab Selector

Enjoy the taste of summer with strawberry white chocolate from Hotel Chocolat

We hope we’ve inspired you to explore all the nuances of the classic combination of strawberries and cream with a white chocolate twist. If so, why not shop our carefully curated white chocolate collection or our thoughtful summer gifts online today?