Stolen Chocmobile

They Stole Our Chocmobile: The Full Story

We've found the Chocmobile...

You probably know by now that our Chocmobile was stolen. The BBC reported on the theft within 24 hours. And many of you got in touch after we put up your reward for information leading to its recovery: a 5-year Tasting Club subscription and a behind-the-scenes tour of our chocolate factory’s Inventing Room.

One week later

Just over a week since three thieves drove our beloved festival-going, happiness-dispensing, one-of-a-kind vehicle away from our Hertfordshire HQ, we were closing in: you’d spotted it in Luton and Bedfordshire. Thanks to our tracker, your support and the officers at Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire constabularies, we were hot on the trail.

Two weeks later

The good news: we’ve found the Chocmobile! The sad news: the criminals who stole our vintage darling ruthlessly removed the doors in hopes of disposing of the tracker and set the chassis alight.

The reward

“Our hopes of recovering the Chocmobile have literally turned to cinders,” says our CEO and Co-founder, Angus Thirlwell. “We’re working on Chocmobile #2 and will get it on the road soon, dispensing chocolate happiness up and down the country. Huge thanks to everyone who helped in the nationwide hunt and posted on #FindTheChocmobile.”.

Although we weren’t able to recover the Chocmobile, Bedfordshire police force did a sterling job of locating it for us. That’s why we’re giving them a year-long subscription to our Tasting Club. But the story doesn't end there...

The show must go on

At this difficult time, we’ve been touched by the support of not only our guests, but our friends too. While we work with the original Chocmobile’s builders, Whitby Morrison, on getting the Mk.2 up and running, they have kindly loaned us a nifty interim vehicle. Currently being painted and refitted in anticipation of attending two days of Countryfile Castle Howard, Saturday 17th—Sunday 18th August, their generosity means you won’t have to miss out on chocolate, coffee, hot chocolate or Ice Cream of the Gods on-the-move this summer – even if it won’t be from the window of our beloved original (*sob*).

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