Our First Ever No Added Sugar Milk Chocolate

New Supermilk Pure is our simplest equation yet. 80% cocoa plus creamy milk. Chocolate without compromise. No added sugar, no nasty additives or substitutes. Just cocoa beans we grew ourselves and organic milk.

Chocolate Without Compromise

“Pulling back the sugar and still delivering a beautifully mellow and creamy taste profile is incredibly hard to do. We think we’ve nailed it.

We used velvety, organic milk and cocoa beans we grew ourselves. We experimented for months in our Inventing Room, eschewing sugar substitutes and artificial flavourings in favour of all-natural ingredients. Our recipe lets the cocoa sing.

Cocoa Without Compromise

In this instance, that song starts when seedlings unfurl on our Rabot cocoa estate, Saint Lucia. We are the only British chocolate company to grow our own cocoa.

Nestled inside pods are precious beans and nibs, which we roast and grind to deliver a distinctive, deep, nutty flavour profile. Cocoa this good deserves to be tasted. We raise the bar for milk chocolate, dialling up cocoa content to 80%.

Our First No Added Sugar Milk Chocolate

The result is revolutionary. You compare Supermilk Pure with a square of average high- street milk chocolate and you’ll find cocoa content has withered away to around 20- 25%. Even when you buy so-called ‘dark’ chocolate, average cocoa content often stands at a paltry 36%. There is a reason for this, sugar and sugar substitutes are cheaper.

We don’t hide the fact that there is a trace of naturally occurring sugar in this chocolate, which only comes from the organic milk itself. So there are no substitutes and no excuses. That’s why we say ‘no added sugar’.

There's No Substitute For Great Taste

Flip over any no added sugar chocolate and check the label. Most contain sugar substitutes filled with chemical additives that alter the taste of the cocoa, such as Stevia or Xylitol. This can make the chocolate chalky, bitter, tangy and not ‘chocolate-like’ at all.

Supermilk Pure is naturally creamy and smooth, without any bitter notes. It’s unadulterated and most of all, it’s enjoyable.

One Step Ahead

In 2017 Public Health England threw down the gauntlet to confectionary companies. Reduce sugar by 20% to hit a target date of 2020. That was one edict we applaud and thinking we’ve been following since the beginning.

Our mantra is more cocoa, less sugar. It’s one we live by. Cocoa content in our milk chocolate never falls below 40% rising up to 100% in our Rare and Vintage range.

Where you fit is a tasting adventure in itself…

"People often try the bars out of curiosity and stay with them, others gradually migrate up the cocoa scale to the nirvana that is 100%."

- Angus Thirlwell, CEO Hotel Chocolat

On A Final Note, Deeply Satisfying

It seems our thinking is in line with yours. You like the taste of cocoa. That’s evident from the success of our 65% cocoa Supermilk. So if you’re hesitant about taking the final step to no added sugar, we’d say try it, this isn’t just for purists.

Our decadently high cocoa content means that it takes a smaller portion to satisfy a chocolate craving. The smooth, creamy flavour lingers on while the cocoa makes you feel focused, energised and on top of the world.

Trying Is Believing

You be the judge. If you’re snapping a shard of our Supermilk Pure, share your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Finally, no added sugar milk chocolate – without compromise.