What are the best workshops for kids?

31 Mar 2020

Gift Experiences

Workshops are a great way for kids to spend their free time. But, with the countless numbers of activities out there, how do you choose the right one?

Workshops for kids make for an interesting and stimulating alternative to a typical weekend or holiday day. They encourage children to push their boundaries, let them try something they’ve never done before and, most importantly, are a bit of fun!

With primary schools focused on SATs, and secondary school students working towards their GCSEs, it’s easy to get bogged down in purely academic work. However, it is important to be able to take a break from studying, and it can actually improve your child’s performance. A study conducted in 2006 concluded that overlearning – cramming too much information in each week – wasn’t a viable strategy for long term information retention. By taking some time out to partake in a workshop, your child can get a small but much needed break from studying.

Let them get creative

A workshop which allows their creativity to flow is not only enjoyable, but it builds skills which can be transferable into later life. Partaking in a workshop that inspires creativity is an important factor in child development – encouraging them to think creatively can lead to original, problem-solving skills in the future, according to a study carried out by Linkedin learning.

Make sure it suits their age

Although you might want to push your child, it is important that you pick a workshop that is age appropriate. Choosing a workshop that is designed for older children could end up being too sophisticated and high-skilled, resulting in your child feeling out of their depth and discouraged from joining in.

Alternatively, you want to make sure that the children’s workshop isn’t too simple or easy for them. If they are put in an environment where they aren’t getting anything out of the experience, then they won’t feel motivated to try harder, and might not even enjoy the kids activities. Finding an age-appropriate workshop is key so that not only is the children’s workshop a fun place for kids to be in, but it also lets them get something out of it.

What skills can it give them?

Children’s workshops can be invaluable as they build lifelong skills, such as communication or teamwork skills. If children work together, then they can understand the importance of their own voice, as well as the value of listening to others. This is essential for later life, and it is something that is sometimes overlooked in classrooms.

Capture their interests

What are they interested in? Have they mentioned something that they would like to try? Encouraging your child to partake in a children’s workshop that builds on a certain hobby they already enjoy, or offers something that intrigues them is a great way for them to build their skills.

Children’s workshops can also be helpful if you notice signs of anxiety in your child: perhaps they’ve just moved to a new school, or maybe they’re feeling the pressure of exams. Distracting your child from their anxieties with a children’s workshop can be a great way to alleviate pressure, and lets them do something that they can enjoy.

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