1 Jun 2018

Father's Day Food + Drink Gift Ideas

What to get? Six of our best.

Don’t settle for socks or an aftershave afterthought. We hone in on our team’s top picks for Father’s Day gifts. Some selected by dads themselves, here are six of our best…


When is Father’s Day? Sunday, 20th June.


  1. Cocoa Beer

“Our Cocoa Beer is a real favourite of mine, a subtle tang and pleasant bitterness make it a genuine treat. Roasted cocoa shells give this dark porter style ale the edge for me. With Father’s Day just around the corner I think I’ll need to start dropping some hints! This one’s for me.”

Andrew, Merchandiser

  1. Brownie

“Ever since I was little when we’d eat out as a family, my dad would just order a spoon when it came to dessert. He knew me and my sister would never finish, and was always ready and willing to. He still does! This Father’s Day, I think it’s only fair that he gets his own dessert. What better than a MASSIVE Chocolate Brownie.”

Emily, Assistant Category Manager

  1. The Key

“I’d like Dad to choose. I know he likes chocolate, with The Key it’s a gift that’s a way into our Tasting Box monthly subscription. He gets five tasters of each chocolate genre, from mellow to high-cocoa, then decides which of our five Tasting Boxes he wants. And I get to choose how long I want it to last. It’s a gift that will last much longer than Father’s Day!”

Briarly, Marketing Executive

  1. His Nibs

“For me, this one is a bit ‘like father, like son’ or ‘like senior chocolate British bulldog, like puppy.’ Rhona first sculpted the original Mr Nibs for Salon du Chocolat in 2015. He was so popular he almost melted under the heat of adoring pats, they had to rope him off to keep him at leads length! His Nibs stands (or sits) on his own two feet (or oversized paws) you just want to take him home. This is my daughter’s pick for Father’s Day. For him or her? We’ll see.

Sarah, Copywriter

  1. Old Fossil Dark

What better Father’s Day gift to buy for an old fossil than Old Fossil! My Dad is a struggle to buy for. He doesn’t have many hobbies, so I can’t go for the usual ‘football, golf, classic car’ collectables and over the years I’ve brought him enough socks to last a lifetime. He loves chocolate but I am quite limited, as he is diabetic, but does allow himself a little treat now and then. Old Fossil Dark is perfect because he has a great sense of humour. More importantly, it is 70% cocoa, which means less sugar. He was never really a fan of dark chocolate until he tried our 70% dark, now he can’t get enough of it. It makes him happy and makes Father’s Day shopping less stressful for me.

Kim, Receptionist

  1. Rare & Vintage Dark

I’d choose the Rare & Vintage dark collection. My dad is dark mad, so he does eat my creations, at home he often has a nibble on a dark Rare & Vintage bar stashed away in the drawer next to his chair. He always closes his eyes to enjoy the chocolate more! Eyes shut is the best compliment of all.

Emma, Roast & Conch Couverturier


Want to pick and choose your own? Take a tour of our Father’s Day gifts, from serious dark fixes to Father’s Day hampers or even a whisky distillery tour in chocolate!

Happy Father’s Day, Sunday 20th June.

Dad’s love chocolate, we checked.