Send the joy of spring with Easter chocolate by post

14 Mar 2023


Surprise a friend or family member with Easter chocolate — delivered to their doorstep with love

Watching your friends and family enthusiastically devour the chocolate eggs and Easter treats you’ve lovingly picked out for them is a beautiful scene to envision. Then you remember, you only have so much time — and without all your nearest and dearest in touching distance, logistics may interfere with reality. You may not have the gift-delivering capacity of the Easter Bunny, but with a little helping hand, you can still play your part in sweetening up their April. How? With Easter chocolate sent by post.

Post box in London

Why send Easter gifts by post?

Easter gifts mean something different to everyone. Symbolically, Easter eggs represent new life and rebirth — both in relation to Christ’s resurrection in Christianity, and a number of ancient mythologies. But through generations, families and friends have established new Easter traditions of their own — religious or otherwise.

With the bank holidays giving extra room for celebrations, Easter is traditionally a time to share with family and friends. However, it can be tough to see all your loved ones close to the holiday, even with your best efforts to do it all.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t join in with the joy of gift-giving. In fact, an Easter gift can feel all the more meaningful for friends and family who you haven’t managed to see lately.

Plus, sending your Easter gifts by post brings a few added perks. By choosing a reliable courier, you’ll know even the most delicate eggs will arrive in immaculate condition, safe from the risks of melting or getting crushed in a car boot. You can also feel confident knowing they’ll arrive on time. So even if plans change, no one’s faced with a depleted chocolate stash over the long weekend. What’s more, you can arrange a delivery out of the blue. After all, who doesn’t love an unexpected delivery of chocolate treats?

Surprise a family member with Easter chocolate in the post

If you’re looking for Easter chocolate to send to young family members, our chocolate animals are guaranteed to inspire a chorus of “aww” before they’re swiftly demolished.

Allow us to introduce you to Wooliam. Made from the creamiest white chocolate with milk chocolate detailing, he’s almost too cute to eat. Almost. Or you can also bring Elizapeck and Rabbert into the mix with our Chocolate Pen Pals. There’s a reason they’re everyone’s favourite edible farmyard friends. 

If you prefer a more traditional Easter gift, we have you covered on that front, too. A far cry from the bland, flimsy eggs you may have had in Easter’s past, our selection of Easter eggs all abide by our More Cacao, Less Sugar mantra, and are exceptionally thick to do justice to this premium chocolate. Will they prefer Brownie Milk Chocolate, Mint Dark Chocolate, Rocky Road and Caramel, or one of our many other flavours?

We also have Easter gifts for the whole family to share. The Easter Sleekster is the ideal accompaniment to any Easter movie marathon, with a sumptuous selection of 30 chocolate tiddly eggs. It features caramels, pralines and tipples amongst other established crowd-pleasers. Or as this year’s online exclusive, we’ve curated all of the joys of spring into one luxury basket: the Abundantly Easter Hamper.

Young woman receiving a parcel in the post

Deliver Easter chocolate to friends

As our Extra Thick Champagne Easter Egg showcases, Easter eggs aren’t just for the kids. For the adults in your life who wonder where their Easter egg has got to this year, this sophisticated twist on the seasonal classic affirms exactly why they should still get involved. It’s luxury and fun all tied up in one.

Fancy pulling out all the stops? Packed with dessert-inspired chocolate delights, our Patisserie Chocolate Ostrich Easter Egg is the height of extravagance. Perfect for the friend who loves the finer things in life.

Maybe you’re more in the market for a little something you can post out to a few of your best friends. For smaller treats that go just as big on the Easter theme, we’d recommend our Caramel Chocolate Bunny Selector and Elizapeck Speckled Eggs. Alternatively, browse our full Easter collection and find the flavours, chocolate grades, and designs your friends will adore.

Chocolate subscriptions: the gift that keeps on giving

While we may give gifts to mark a holiday or special occasion, presents you can enjoy all year round really stand out. That’s why our Chocolate Subscriptions prove to be such a popular gift. As gifts go, chocolate doesn’t stick around for long. But when the deliveries keep on coming, the lucky recipient gets to enjoy their favourites again and again.

With our Monthly Curated Collection, you can select your giftee’s favourite type of chocolate and we’ll handpick a surprise selection of treats they’ll love, delivered to their door each month. 

Alternatively, we have our Sleekster Subscription, which can be delivered every one, two or three months, depending on your budget and preferences. Choose from seven different Sleeksters, and your loved one will find themselves with a box of chocolate that somehow replenishes itself. Magic.

Hotel Chocolat Sleeksters

Send luxury Easter eggs and gifts by post with Hotel Chocolat

With Hotel Chocolat’s luxury gift wrapping, we make sure any Easter gift of your choosing arrives in style. You can even curate a gift box of your own filled with your loved one’s favourite treats. When you get to the checkout, simply select a gift bag, box or sleeve, then add a message for the complimentary card. 

To make sending your Easter chocolate by post smooth and straightforward, offer a variety of delivery options. Our next-day service is available for those last-minute orders, bringing you peace of mind. Every one of our gift boxes and bags is carefully hand packed by our dedicated team, who make sure your chocolates are fully protected during transit and arrive in perfect condition.