Tasting Adventures

Tasting Adventures...

What is a Tasting Adventure? It's an exclusive event specially created for chocolate lovers to take their appreciation of chocolate a step further. Through approximately two hours of expertly guided chocolate tasting, guests can add to their knowledge of cocoa and chocolate, but before you start imagining some sort of classroom, think again – this is learning through lots of hands-on tasting!

What happens at these evening events? Guests are welcomed with a chilled glass of prosecco, which itself has impeccable provenance credentials, being from a boutique winery in the Dolomite foothills. But this is about chocolate, so it is merely the prelude to an exciting evening of comparative tasting, which includes 12 different chocolates and a taste of some signature filled chocolate recipes too.

Tasting Adventures currently take place at our Covent Garden London store, Bristol, Cheltenham, Edinburgh, Manchester and York on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 7pm till 9pm.
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Why not take the experience a little bit further.  We are now offering our Bean to Bar experience at our new restaurants in London's Borough Market and Leeds.  You can create your very own chocolate from the bean. Find out more here.