Cocoa Fudge

Hotel Chocolat Fudge

Thank Fudge For That!

Our first ever Cocoa Fudge is finally available in store, and it’s not like any other chocolate fudge. It took us 4 years to get our new and original Cocoa Fudge recipe just right. 


  • Made with Madagascan cocoa, full of natural red-fruit flavours
  • Firm, crumbly fudge that melts on the tongue
  • An intense cocoa experience

“This has been a real labour of love! We have been working on the development of our fudge for about 4 years, never giving up on the quest to get it perfect! Our team of chocolatiers worked closely with our fudge experts in Kent, multiple development samples were made to get it just right, and we really wanted the cocoa to shine through in this fudge. Made using Madagascan cocoa mass, this contributes a fantastic fruity flavour and a real cocoa hit. Important to note this is a cocoa fudge, not a chocolate fudge!”- Hotel Chocolat Chocolatiers